We understand that setting up a new coworking hub can be both daunting and exciting.  That’s why we have crafted invaluable digital toolkits to simplify the process and make your journey a breeze.

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Our Start-Up Toolkit is a comprehensive Ebook containing straightforward guidance, relatable examples and practical templates for you to use and adapt.

We cover a whole range of topics including:

  • Market research
  • How to develop your ideas
  • Customer profiling
  • Products and services
  • Finding a building
  • How to make money!

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This Excel-based toolkit guides you through the financial planning process, step-by-step, so you can understand if, how and when you will become profitable. It is a magic tool made by experts (in both coworking and Excel), which allows you to play with models and scenarios.

The Melting Pot’s Financial Modelling Toolkit will help you:

  • Design your overall coworking business model.
  • Clarify your income from your key products and services vs. your expenses.
  • Identify your costs for key phases: exploration of concept, start-up / set-up, early trading, mature trading model
  • Understand how you allocate your overall total space profitably into key zones: desks, rooms and service areas
  • Stress-test for financial viability and occupation / capacity levels across 3 performance scenarios (poor, good, best) over time
  • Make realistic multi-year financial projections

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