Catering menu

  • Greencity biscuits

    Snack breaks

    Nothing starts the day of better than a nice cuppa. 

    Fair trade/organic tea and coffeeHave either a single or unlimited servings of our huge selection of organic & fair trade teas and coffees.

    Single serving £1.30/person. Unlimited servings £3.50/person

    Biscuit platterDon’t let your cuppa get lonely! Dig in to some organic digestives, syrup waffles or fruity oat biccies.

    Single serving £1.50/person

    Cake platterTreat your delegates with freshly baked cakes courtesy of Breadshare Community Bakery.

    Single serving £1.75/person

    SconesFreshly baked fruit, cheese or bran scones served with butter plus your choice of jam or clotted cream. Another favourite from Breadshare Community Bakery.

    Single serving £1.25/person. Add fruit jam £0.25/person. Add clotted cream £0.50/person


  • Breakfast booster

    The most important meal of the day

    Breakfast BoosterStart your day off with deliciously large mixed danish pastries, fresh fruit bowl fruit juice. Served with a selection of fair trade/organic teas and coffees

    Single serving £3.35/person

  • Daisys urban kitchen

    Lunch time

    We know the importance of good food to a good event

    Light lunch – hotWholesome, seasonal soup served with fresh sourdough bread

    Single serving £3.95/person

    Light lunch – cold: Our ever popular sandwiches are freshly prepared and supplied by Broughton Delicatessen using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. Selection of meat, veggie and vegan fillings.

    Single serving £3.95/person

    Optional add-onsDecorate your plate with a fruit platter or mixed salad bowls

    Fruit platter £1.25/person. Salad bowls £2.50/person

    The Big LunchAll of the above

    Single serving £10.50/person

  • Turkish Meze

    Feeling exotic?

    Enjoy a piece of Turkish luxury

    Turkish meze platterFreshly prepared platter (more like a banquet) from the wonderful Empire’s Cafe. Including falafel, hummus, warm pitta, stuffed vine leaves, mixed olives, grilled feta peppers and a variety of delicious dips

    Single serving £9.25/person

  • Soupmonger

    The whole package

    Can’t decide on what to have? All of the above sounding too good to choose? 

    The WorksIdeal for those whole day events. The works includes an unlimited supply of fair trade/organic teas and coffees, biscuit platter and The Big Lunch

    Full day catering £14.25/person


    Check out our Full Catering Menu here

Our suppliers

  • Soupmonger

    Broughton Delicatassen

    Small, local deli uses fresh and local ingredients, they provide baguettes & sandwiches with a wide variety of delicious fillings, as well as our fresh salads. They are able to cater for most dietary requirements.

    They also deliver on foot, reducing the carbon footprint…thanks guys!!

  • Daisys urban kitchen

    Soupmonger Ltd

    What can we say about our lovely friend Laura (other than being a fantastic person)? Well, she makes amazing wholesome soup! Laura provides TMP with lovely homemade soup which is full of fresh seasonal ingredients, warmth and love.

  • Turkish Meze

    Empire's Cafe

    Feeling the need for something a little more unusual than even the tastiest of sandwiches or soups? Then try our Turkish Meze for a variety of healthy, tasty, fresh dishes with just the right amount of zest & spice.

  • Breadshare

    Breadshare Community Bakery

    Supply us with delicious (and we really mean delicious) freshly baked cakes, scones and sourdough bread. What’s more, they are also a social enterprise and use only organic and locally sourced ingredients, saving Scotland’s grain farmers one loaf at a time.

  • Petes farm

    Pete's Farm Run

    Pete provides us with real milk in a real bottle, just like the old days – before milk was mass-produced and homogenized in giant dairy conglomerates. This not only tastes great but it saves on waste in landfills, avoiding wasting fossil fuels moving and recycling plastics.

  • Greencity biscuits

    Greencity Wholefoods

    The original supplier to Scotland’s health food shops, their supplies keep us all going – with minimum of waste and maximum taste. At TMP, we are well aware of the importance of a cuppa along with the sugar boost of a biscuit (or two) to get you through the day. This is where we get our huge variety of fair trade teas, organic filter coffee and our very (very) popular biscuit selection.