Claire Carpenter Third Force News

Susan Smith from Third Force News (TFN) has interviewed The Melting Pot’s founder Claire Carpenter for their latest issue. They talked about coworking, awards, social innovation and our new project the Coworking Accelerator Network. The story made the front page of TFN’s printed edition (pictured) at this year’s SCVO conference “The Gathering.”

The Melting Pot is now well in to its tenth year and is an established, thriving community comprised of people from every sector, encouraging social change in every corner – but the journey has been a rocky one as Claire explains in the article:

The current success of the Melting Pot justifies Claire’s visionary assertion, but she’s willing to admit that it’s been a long, hard struggle. Ten years ago social enterprise was a little-known concept and co-working was unheard of.

“It’s come into its own now, but yes, it’s amazing how long it’s taken to get there,” says Claire…

The article touches on Claire’s motivation for creating The Melting Pot all those years ago, and how its original vision is helping to drive other projects which have been made possible since:

At its core, the Melting Pot is more than a co-working space, it’s a social enterprise. Claire’s commitment to helping people to build sustainable businesses in sustainable communities has been her main motivator over the years. It’s the reason why, five years ago, she launched the Good Ideas Academy, which provides a range of support and services to start-up social entrepreneurs. And it’s the reason she’s now launching the Coworking Accelerator Network.

“Nobody has to go through what I’ve been through over the last 10 years. I’d hate for that to happen to anyone else,” she says frankly.

No little thanks to Claire’s pioneering work with the Melting Pot, Scotland’s recently launched Social Enterprise Strategy for the next 10 years includes a commitment to developing quality co-working spaces across the country. And the Co-working Accelerator Network aims to play a major role in that.

“The idea is to spread the quantity and quality of good co-working that goes on everywhere. We’re going to provide a peer network, a consultancy service to help people develop their ideas for a coworking space in their town, and a turnkey business solution”

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