Resources  ·  Posted January 6, 2024

New Organisational Strategy

We’re delighted to launch our brand new organisational strategy for 2023-2028!

This strategic plan sets out what The Melting Pot hopes to achieve over the next five years and how we aim to do it. It has been shaped by our vision, mission and values and the input of our members, strategic partners, board of directors and staff team. We would like to thank everyone involved for their insights and contributions.

Our central ambition by 2028, is to be the flagship Centre for Social Innovation in Scotland — an inclusive space for knowledge sharing, collaboration and inspiration.

Our strategic framework revolves around five priorities:

  1. Community driven innovation – We harness the collective wisdom of our community, to drive innovation, address complex social challenges and strengthen the social innovation community as a whole.
  2. Collaborative ecosystem – We foster partnerships and collaborations with other organisations, government agencies, academics and stakeholders to amplify social innovation in Scotland.
  3. Scale our impact – We deliver impactful programmes and events that address social issues and have a tangible impact. Scaling and replicating successful initiatives in different communities to broaden our reach.
  4. Knowledge exchange – We facilitate an exchange of knowledge, expertise and best practices. Amplifying the voices of our members and informing good policy and practice within social innovation.
  5. Long-term sustainability – We focus on sustainability, making sure the organisation thrives long-term through diverse income, resource efficiency and eco-friendly practices.

Find out more by reading the full report

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