Resources  ·  Posted June 1, 2016

Insight – What is Coworking?

Coworking is on the rise – especially since the Covid-19 pandemic forced companies around the world to adapt to remote, digital and hybrid working.

Yet corporate ‘greenwashing’ of the coworking movement is rife, so much so that the term risks losing all sense of its roots. Those who have for years offered co-location in shared office spaces are now looking to latch onto the trend; if a business centre provides ‘hot-desking’ facilities (but nothing more to support its member community) it is still advertised as coworking. The Emperor has new clothes!

So what? Who cares? Well, we do – and so should you!

What’s the difference between coworking and shared office space?

Prospective coworkers can ascertain the difference between one coworking hub offering and another by looking for the heart and soul of the place; in the provision of opportunities to meet and mingle, make connections and in the sense of belonging within and to a community. Are you just getting a bland, isolated desk to sit at, with some basic tea and coffee and WiFi thrown in? Or are you being welcomed into a vibrant community with a wealth of resources and a network of contacts to engage with? True, authentic coworking centres are those where significant opportunities to meet, learn and connect with others, to the benefit of all Members and guests, are sought out and facilitated by hosts of the space, and the clients / Members themselves.

The Melting Pot – a pioneer of the global coworking movement

TMP pioneered coworking in Scotland before there was such a term and we are proud of our leading role in this field. Our creation of a shared resource base has at its core the principles of personal, economic and community development, and we strive to deliver this to all in our network, every single day.

Communities are always in flux, and have layers of interaction and engagement. Thank you for being part of our wider community through your interest in what happens at and through The Melting Pot. People say this often but rarely does it ring so true that now, more than ever, we need our communities to bring people together, keep people in touch and provide a basis of support and communal resources in these incredibly uncertain times.

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