What do our most recent participating leaders have to say?

“Thank you for the continuous support and encouragement. You are also a big part of my journey and your words of advice are always important to me.” Zak, Invisible Edinburgh

“The Incubator gives you invaluable knowledge, contacts and confidence. It’s very important for a programme like this to exist for social enterprises.”

“The really important strength of the Incubator is it balances making money and making a difference.”

“The support, knowledge and skills received on the programme have been invaluable and have really helped us shape and move forward our social enterprise. The peer group formed has also been great and we look forward to continuing to support each other.”

Or check out our Longitudinal Evaluation 2012-14 (pdf) which provides a vignette of the inputs and impacts of our Incubation programme through a longitudinal evaluation of our first two cohorts (2012-14).