• June 5, 2019

TMP’s venue hire service had been extremely popular for over a decade, so popular in fact that more often than not we had no availability to offer. It was time to scale up!

Back in 2018 TMP went in to a collaboration with The Crags Centre, a social enterprise co-founded by Simon Turner (long time friend of TMP and Head of Social Innovation at the time). Finally, we had another venue!

Everyone at TMP was super-excited but no more so than the Hosting Team, we were in our element! We had another room to play in, a new toy that we couldn’t wait to show all of our venue hire friends. Of course this exciting new venture came with a lot of hard work and a lot of things to do in such a short space of time. There was (a lot) of equipment to buy, catering supplies, marketing materials to create, promote our venue, confirm new catering suppliers to name a few. But we all pulled together and by April 2018 The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre’s doors were open.

We didn’t have to wait long for our first-footers. Within 2 days of the doors opening we welcomed one of our regular venue hire clients from the Scottish Government, who’ve used our Rose Street venue many times. Since the organiser had used TMP so often and knew what to expect from TMP in terms of service, it was great to have a chat with a familiar face and get constructive feedback from someone we knew.

Week 2 was also very exciting as there were 2 bookings that were in place before TMP took over the room. Luckily for us it was our good friends from the Social Enterprise Academy, Networker members and Thorn House Tenants, so once again we had familiar faces to host. They were of course delighted with the fact that their 2-day workshop got a boost when the TMP Host greeted them on arrival.

Not only did we gain a new venue, but this collaboration created a new job and a new addition to our team. Coming from a wedding events management background, Stephen stepped through our newly opened doors to help us launch our new venue, host events as well as hosting the coworking space back at Rose Street. Stephen spent most of the upcoming months getting the Studio shipshape and ensuring that our service was up to TMP’s (and his) standards.

We then held a launch event (anything for a party) in May 2018 allowing existing and potential customers to come and see the space for themselves, they also had the opportunity to hear the inspirational story behind The Crags Centre and it’s collaboration with TMP. Obviously it was fun for the Hosting Team who had the opportunity to show off their new toy!

As the months rolled on word was spreading that The Melting Pot had another venue and, sure enough, The Studio started to fill up. Not only did our existing venue hire clients come along to try out the new pad, but we made so many more new friends who have since decided that The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre is their preferred venue. Constantly improving the service, with help from The

 Crags Centre staff, client feedback and caretaker Dave, The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre was finally evolving in to the venue and service that we are all used to.

We are still finding the wonderful quirks and characteristics of The Crags Centre. For example there’s the Calvin the Crow that turns up on the roof to play with his pet rock for an hour or so, luckily he’s a bit more savvy now and knows when there’s a booking in so he makes sure that he just annoys the Host. There’s the cycle park in direct view of the host who can get easily distracted by flying BMXers doing flips and tricks. There’s the aerial yoga ropes hanging from the beams and of course there’s the herds of children that come by after school all excited for basketball.

Fast forward 1 year, and The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre is still as popular as ever. Since opening the doors and planting our flag we have enjoyed hosting lots of events and met countless lovely people along the way. There has been a real sense of pride throughout the Hosting Team, we had set up this new venue from scratch in such a short space of time and all of a sudden it was in high demand.

We would like to thank everyone involved in our journey and we look forward to welcoming more people to The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre. To celebrate our anniversary we’re holding an Open Day at the Studio on Wednesday 12 June. So if you’ve not yet been to visit why not arrange to pop in and see us. You are more than welcome, book you free ticket here!