• March 15, 2019

CAN DO Fest is a diverse programme of events co-created by leading enterprise and skills support organisations across Scotland – this year The Melting Pot has a whole host of events to support our nation’s entrepreneurial vision!

Scotland has an ambition of building a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation- a place where growth and innovation go hand in hand, with wider benefits for all. CAN DO Fest was founded with the belief that to achieve sustainable economic growth, and create opportunities for everyone in Scotland to flourish, we must work to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation together.

CAN DO Fest events are co-created by leading enterprise and skills support organisations, who are committed to the CAN DO mission and are passionate about unlocking collective impact that delivers improved economic, environmental and social value. Each spring CAN DO Fest celebrates and showcases the best of entrepreneurial and ecosystem development in Scotland.

The Melting Pot are running a very special run of TMPEvents as part of the festival, of course in collaboration with other amazing organisations. PNO Consultants, Europe’s leading funding support organisation, will be helping us with Finding Funding and the UnFound Roadshow, run by Co-operatives UK and Stir to Action, is dropping in at TMP for their Edinburgh stop. We’re also running What Comes Next? The Future of Work an evening of short and snappy talks from TMP’s community exploring what the world of work might look like in years to come.

Finding Funding is often the main barrier between a good idea and a thriving business. Head along to this talk and Q&A with Max from PNO Group and learn about the grant funding landscape. There are also a limited number of 1:1 sessions – tailored, practical advise to help you get to grips with your funding needs.

The world of work has transformed rapidly over the past few decades. From the introduction of mobile phones and the personal computer to the advent of coworking the way we work has completely changed. But what comes next? Join us at this event to explore the Future of Work.

UnFound supports tech founders and start-ups looking for a different way to set-up and run platform businesses, championing a specific model – platform co-operatives. UnFound are off on the road, delivering events in tech and innovation hubs around the UK. They’re bringing the UnFound Roadshow to The Melting Pot for their Edinburgh stop!


If you want to come along to any of these events check out our full events programme and book your tickets