,  • September 21, 2020

The Melting Pot exists to ignite, support and effect social change by connecting resources to people, their ideas, passions and expertise. Nothing makes us happier to hear of our members’ successes which start right here, in our coworking space!

Andrew Hurst and Daniel Taylor, two Edinburgh-based entrepreneurs who first met while members at The Melting Pot, have created Go-Shuffle, an innovative self-coaching framework that promises to help individuals struggling with the fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The brainchild of Andrew Hurst, a professional coach of 18 years’ standing, the framework has been successfully used with both individuals and businesses over a period of almost two decades, and now launches to the public in virtual format as Go-Shuffle.

Operating on a self-coaching model, whereby users are encouraged to take the universal principles of the system, and apply their own resources to design their own unique solutions. Go-Shuffle has been specifically designed for anybody seeking to manage a change in their life, whether in the form of coaching solutions, a new direction or simply a renewed perspective on their current situation. It can also be used by coaches to maximise or improve their client experience as a supplement to their own techniques and methods.

Co-Founder Hurst says: “I’ve always been excited and sometimes amazed by the successes that can evolve from even the most challenging situations.  People often say that they have been dealt a bad hand, and yet so often they find ways to reorder their lives, move on and find the changes they need, with only the cards that they hold.

“Of course, that holds true now more than ever. People may have lost their jobs, their health and sometimes, tragically, even family members, and we are all living through a time of almost unprecedented change. I’ve teamed up with some great people, and together what we want to do with Go-Shuffle is to help people process that change, and come successfully through to the other side.”

“We know there are a whole load of people out there – and businesses for that matter – not knowing what to do. This is about offering another perspective on that, and saying to people: not just what, but where to, and why? After that, the ‘what’ flows naturally.”

For those interested in learning more, the first part of the Go-Shuffle framework is being given free of charge, and is available to all at www.go-shuffle.com. The full programme is also significantly discounted to £49 as we transition through the phases out of lockdown.

If you could do with some connection – whether in a new workspace or online – put your name down on our waiting list.