,  • March 18, 2019

Spring is round the corner, and our membership is blossoming. Keep reading to learn more about newest members of our beautiful community…

Kelvin Bremner does work for Eurobase Leisure, who specialise in mobile homes and through this, cater for people looking for an affordable holiday home in the sun. Kelvin deals with the sales & marketing side of things and is the point of contact for the British clients. He is a health coach in his spare time.


Holly Gabriel is a Public Health Nutritionist with a background in community development and health interventions. She is now working freelance and currently in nutrition and obesity campaigning and policy for two charities: Action on Sugar and Obesity Action Scotland. She has recently relocated to Edinburgh from London.


Allison Brisbane Has worked in the third sector for over 20 years, most recently for ASH Scotland where she is Head of Research Information and Policy Development. She has a long-held ambition to do a postgraduate degree in creative writing, and is currently developing a book outline. Her distractions at home include Radio 4, the piano and the garden.


Susan Farmer is an economist, accountant and business psychologist. She has combined thirty years business management experience with teaching and research, specialising in the charity and not-for-profit sector. She formed and manages Morham Consulting, a small social enterprise based in East Lothian that provides accountancy & management support to third sector organisations.


Victoria Veber is a Sustainability Manager for Bettercoal, a not for profit that works towards a sustainable coal supply chain while it continues to play an important role in our society. Drawing from a varied background of different sectors including academia, her current work focuses mainly on communications and project development. Originally from Argentina, Victoria is new to Edinburgh.


Nikki Gibson is the Managing Director of Naked Events, a bespoke event agency. She is leading her team using over eighteen years of experience within the hospitality industry, and has a passion for everything events.


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