, ,  • January 28, 2019

We’re starting the new year well with talented new members joining us at TMP. Read on to find out what they’ll be working on at The Melting Pot…

Juliette Lee has a background in chemical engineering but has the grit of personal transformation and sensitivity of a poet. Her coaching work explores the vast energy potential of the human psyche and the world beyond our sensory perceptions. Her intuitive and empathic style combines objective enquiry with energy psychology, shadow integration, dream work, creativity and mindfulness. It is a powerful blend honed over fifteen years of professional coaching practice working with entrepreneurs and senior leaders in global organisations across a range of industries. In addition to being an award winning speaker and a coach she has a passion for horses and poetry, so there will be lots to talk about at TMP!


Kirsten Kinloch finds talented graduates from Scottish universities to teach and lead in schools facing the greatest challenges. She has recently relocated back up to Edinburgh from London most recently working for a Graduate Recruitment agency, so let’s make sure she feels right at home. She will be hot desking with us at least once a week!


Hyun Chitayat, also known as Holly, has been working with startups where she has focused on product development, project management and business analysis. She has also been involved with Women leadership and organisation, a social enterprise, that focused on accelerating women leadership to the highest level. Presently, she works with her business to encourage balance and happiness into people’s lives by offering the best lifestyle products. Welcome to the community!


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