,  • August 14, 2017

Say hello to the newest members of The Melting Pot! Some are just visiting for a short while, others are in it for the long haul – either way make sure to give them a warm welcome.

Christina Cran has just graduated from the Good Ideas Academy working on Wee Seeds. She’s been a TMP Member before and has rejoined us with a TMP 25 – welcome back Christina!

Wee Seeds will deliver resources to help parents of preschoolers plant the seeds of mindfulness and meditation into their wee heids early on. Christina is the Founder of Wee Seeds and Cran Communications. She’s an award-winning PR and media professional with over 15 years’ experience. She is a newly diagnosed Type One diabetic and a convert to meditation. She’s a mother and passionate about little people’s mental foundations.

Alice Lake-Hammond is a designer, traveller, photo-taker, thinker, maker and doer of all kinds of things, mostly design, communications and people related.

A Kiwi-Brit with 10+ years experience across a range of sectors, Alice has recently returned to Scotland and joined The Melting Pot. Specialising in the communication of complex content, clearly and creatively through graphic design, exhibitions, events, digital and publishing. Currently Alice is collaborating with various international development, humanitarian and aid organisations.

Jo Duncan has joined us for August. Jo works for a marketing agency by day and performs stand up comedy by night! Her show “Two Posh Twats” was on at 9pm from 3 – 14 August.

Bruno Azzinnari has joined The Melting Pot for a few weeks while passing through Edinburgh.

He works with RiffStudio, a Play Store app that enables musicians to build setlists of songs they want to practice, adjust pitch and speed, and play along.


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