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Members share all the amazing things they’re doing!

Last week saw our first Members’ Show & Tell event of the year. It offered a chance to hear from new Members about who they are, what they do, and what brought them to the TMP community.

An audience of members both old and new (and even a few not-yet-members who were enjoying our Open Day), gathered together, enjoyed a lunch spread (pizza! cake!) and settled down to hear from 8 speakers we had lined up to share their stories. And what a diverse and varied range of fields these members cover!

Members settle in to hear each other's stories

All set and ready to hear fellow Members introduce themselves

First up was Alyn Griffiths, a freelance journalist and copywriter who specialises in the arts, architecture and design. Alyn demonstrated the diverse nature of his work via the varied and interesting locations it has taken him recently – from a remote bothy on Eig to a Watch Fair in Germany. All in the name of the job! (or so he tells us…). Alyn also introduced his book, 21st Century Lighting Design, solving the conundrum of what to buy that lighting-loving, design aficionado in your life for their next birthday.

Next was one of our newest members, the Canadian-born, now Scotland-ensconced Nigel Banks.  A freelance web developer, Nigel’s focus is developing software to scan and digitise museum and library records. From books and magazines, to photos, videos, audio recordings and even chemical & biological data. This makes these valuable and delicate materials accessible to the public and preserves for future generations. Bonus fact: Nigel was once a video game developer in a past life.

Disability Information Scotland are a fellow tenant of Thorn House (our building!). Recently they have signed on as TMP members so staff can make use of our TMPEvents program, our meeting space and connect with our fab community. Scott Stewart came along to tell us about the work they do for disabled people and their families, friends & carers. With a focus on providing tailored responses to individual enquiries they manage a helpline service via telephone, text and email, as well as an online Scottish Disability Directory and provide range of free practical online information guides.

Speakers Alyn Griffiths, Nigel Banks, Simon Francis, James Cocker

Speakers (from l-r): Alyn Griffiths, Nigel Banks, Simon Francis, James Cocker

With a snazzy slideshow to keep us all engaged, we then heard from Simon Francis of Campaign Collective; a social enterprise marketing agency. Borne out of disillusionment with commercial marketing practices, Campaign Collective does everything marketing agencies *wouldn’t* do. This means that all profits are reinvested back into their social purpose of providing support to micro charities and helping develop the next generation of communications professionals. Plus, all staff are members of the organisation rather than employees, making it an egalitarian enterprise to its core.

Not to be outdone on the slideshow front, next was James Cocker of Purple Spider Web Design (‘cos he’s a web developer…geddit?). A freelancer whose projects are as diverse as a barn-converted, energy-efficient housing developments, to family-friendly French campsites and the history of gold in Scotland. Specialising in the web platform SilverStripe, James ensures that all of his products allow not only for front-facing usability, but also simple back-end navigation. This means once the site is built his clients will have no trouble in updating and maintaining the sites themselves.

And so, last but not least was the fantastically entertaining Andrew Hurst, who took us on a journey through his life, his challenges, his (diverse) career and the culmination of factors and experiences which brought him to where he is today: Principal Consultant and Founder of WiSE. Offering coaching, personal development, therapy & wellbeing. Andrew focuses on supporting people through periods of change in their lives, using his own tried and tested straightforward, pragmatic framework. If you’d like to know more about Andrew and his work come along to the TMPEvent he’s holding next month – Déjà Vu – which will offer an introduction to his methods and framework.

Big thanks to all of our wonderful speakers, whose websites you can find below for further information, as well as the attentive audience of fellow members. And don’t forget to pop Tuesday 13th June into your diaries for our next Show & Tell event!

More information on each speaker / their organisation can be found on their websites:

Alyn Griffiths – http://www.alyngriffiths.com/

Nigel Banks – http://nigelbanks.uk/

Disability Information Scotland – http://www.disabilityscot.org.uk/

Simon Francis (Campaign Collective) – https://campaigncollective.org/

James Cocker (Purple Spider Web Design) – http://www.purplespider.com/

Andrew Hurst (WiSE) – http://www.wisewell.co.uk/

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