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TMP Members are a talented bunch! As Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation we support individuals and organisations with a diverse range of skills and specialities. Our Member Spotlight blog series will introduce you to some of our Members so you can have a slice of the inspiration we get from our community every day!

This week we speak to… Juliette Lee. Juliette, is a polymath who blends her diverse skills and experience into her personal, transformative coaching. It is a concoction of her chemical engineering background, the sensitivity refined by her poetry and the grit of twenty years of personal transformation that shines through in her work. She has developed a powerful coaching methodology honed over fifteen years working with over 400 entrepreneurs, CEO’s and business leaders. In this spotlight Juliette and Engagement and Events Coordinator James discuss leadership, cats and millenials.

What attracted you to The Melting Pot?

I wanted a working space where I could find people who were people like-minded. I was searching for social innovation, people that were doing good things in the community and people who are working together for a common goal. I’ve rented desks before and it felt quite hollow; I didn’t want that again so I specifically looked for something that had a heart. And for me, The Melting Pot is very much about heart.

What’s your area of work?

Supporting the personal and spiritual growth, mainly of business leaders, the change makers, those who really want to use their businesses as a force for good, who know that their own development is paramount. They have to grow with the people that they are responsible for in order to grow a business. That’s difficult in isolation; so they need a mirror. I act as a mirror to help them grow beyond what they can’t see about themselves, and also for their teams. I work with teams too, to build a different way of working. This is achieved through culture change and by helping people think and work differently. We can all see the results of stress, pressure, lack of engagement, people questioning what it’s all about. Particularly the younger generation, the millennials, they don’t want any part in that. They want the work they engage in to have a purpose and quite rightly. So for me, it’s also about engaging the teams so they can work in a different way. But this change has to be made from the top; the leadership coaching piece has to come first.

What impact has TMP had on your work and on you personally?

If I answer the personally bit first, because the warmth, the community feeling, the conversations that I have had have been stimulating, there are just some very interesting people that collect here. They remind me that we are not alone. When we are trying to do good with our work it can feel quite lonely. It can be quite isolating as it feels like you’re this lone voice in a sea of people that don’t seem to care as much. But when I came to The Melting Pot I was surrounded by people that cared as much as I did and it just felt so good to be a part of this community. So personally, I’ve benefited hugely as it has reinforced why I do what I do. It’s made me feel like I am not that lone voice and it’s also opened my mind to all sorts of other things that people are doing. There are many ways to help and make our community and world a better place.

In terms of work, that will come to fruition. That will come through more and more. Building relationships and building networks takes time. I’ve found that I have benefited personally very, very quickly. I felt that this was home within weeks. But within a work point of view that does take time. So I haven’t seen flip of that, but I know it’s coming. It’s about having that time and patience to build those connections.

What’s your favourite memory of The Melting Pot?

The first time I came in and met you, in fact! You were so warm and friendly, and you gave me a cup of tea. That day I had something to do and I really had to get my head down. I knew I wouldn’t focus if I stayed at home, even though I have a beautiful office at home, but my cats would have bugged the hell out of me if I stayed at home! So I just thought, ‘I’m gonna come to The Melting Pot and just see. I’d never worked here before, I was aware of you but I hadn’t actually been here to do any work. I set my mind on a couple of hours to finish this individual task, but by the end of the day I had signed up with you. It was just so warm, the people were lovely and it just felt so right.

Where are you planning to take your work in the future?

I think influencing on a bigger scale is something I do want to get much more involved in. There’s a voice for change in the world of work. There are a lot more people questioning why we do what we do and I think they are right to ask that question. I see such a lack of true leadership in the way we work and the way we meet. I see too many people who set out on the right path with the right intention, but struggle to maintain integrity, of course the bigger the organisation gets the harder it gets. As soon as power comes into things, which inevitably does with scale, then all the western human nature comes out. So, I want to to be more vocal about that. Also, I want this to be reflected in my writing. I do a lot of poetry and podcasts where there’s a lot of narrative to raise awareness. We really do need to change on a very deep level but that’s hard. A lot of people don’t want to look at the depth of themselves, but it’s the only way we can create real change. Rather than working in smaller team work, I would like a bigger platform for change. Whatever ever that is.

Find out more about Juliette and her various courses on her website.

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