• September 10, 2021

We wanted to kick off with a smile. The world is beginning to show positive signs of returning to normality, certainly something we are seeing in the return of our members and venue bookings. Meeting Room bookings are coming in fast, people must be eager not be left on mute. With face to face meetings returning what better time to share some interesting facts on smiling. Its time to smile!

A Smile goes a long way…

Smiling has been shown to make you more relaxed and release tension. A great way to pick up productivity and ensure your work isn’t stressing you out too much. Place yourself in environments that make you smile, releasing the chemicals that in turn mean you’re more relaxed, less stressed for your work. If you know someone spending too much time at the kitchen table working from home, let them know The Melting Pot is the perfect remedy.

Reducing blood pressure, strengthening your immune system and even reducing pain have all been attributed to a good smile. So it could be even more crucial nowadays to make others laugh, tell a joke and crack a smile (even if under a mask at times). Enjoy the pun below at your own discretion, although it did me smile 🙂

Increasing Productivity with REAL Meetings

Restrictions are lifting, in turn we are seeing a huge rise in Meeting Room Hire. In Person-Meetings, IRL Meetings, whatever you call them, the team meeting is returning. Organisations are getting the band back together. We’ll be seeing a lot more smiling faces coming through the doors. Our Hosts, masters of the contagious smile, keep everyone stress free and relaxed. Booking a team catch-up can combat the mid-week spuddle*. If you or your organisation are on the look out for a productive Edinburgh based space, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Remember its time to smile…