• January 14, 2019

2018 was a big period of growth for all three areas of TMP: The Melting Pot, Coworking Accelerator and our Good Ideas programme. To achieve this, team TMP has grown bigger than ever! This blog is a chance to hang out with our wonderful team, meet the newbies and catch up with the usual suspects… 

Good Ideas is The Melting Pot’s incubator. Since 2011 we have inspired and supported people turning their good ideas into new social enterprises, charities and campaigns. We’ve had a productive year developing a new visual identity, brand and website; hosting 5 Catalyst events from Sep – Nov; running the biggest Camp to date; plus preparing to welcome 16 ideas onto this year’s Class very soon.

Leading this work for the past year as Head of Incubation was Simon Turner, co-founder of our venue hire partner The Crags Centre. But alas his time with us has finished as he moves on to his next project – we wish him all the best! Good Ideas is left in the capable hands of the wonderful Julie, with our CEO Claire as well as the recently appointed Naomi Johnston supporting with strategy. Naomi has over 20 years experience in the social enterprise sector and was the first CEO of social entrepreneur organisation, Firstport.

Another exciting advance for Good Ideas is the introduction of a coaching team who will help support the Class through their journey. We are very happy to welcome Megan Fraser and TMP Member Helen Denny to the team! Helen is a freelance facilitator and founded Not9to5 to support people and organisations operating outside the 9 to 5 working week. Megan has held leadership, consultative, and educational roles in entrepreneurship, small business consulting, and the Third Sector. Currently, she’s also working with The Journey at Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest summer school for climate innovation and entrepreneurship, and The Lens, where she is part of a team that develops intrapreneurial culture change in the Third and Public Sectors across Scotland.


2018 was a great year for the Coworking Accelerator – smashing all targets while developing the team, the products and the processes. We already have clients all over Scotland and the rest of the UK, as well as further abroad in Australia & Canada.

To continue this momentum into the new year, Naomi Lillie will be leading the team as Head of Accelerate. Naomi is a generalist with 20 years’ experience across the 3 UK sectors and networks that are truly international. Naomi has worked alongside entrepreneurs, innovators, educators and activists, and developed expertise in management (of people, projects and events), organisational development, communication and facilitation. Coworking has played a significant role during this time, largely due to remote working for 7 years.

We also welcome Anne Nielsen as the Administrator for the Coworking Accelerator. Anne provides support to emerging and established coworking leaders, thereby enabling them to establish their own coworking businesses within their local communities. Originally from Denmark, Anne has lived in Scotland since 2003 and spends her spare time studying for a language degree, enjoying football, running and fitness, as well as spending time with her partner and cats.

We’ve also said another fond farewell to David Stroud, who led the operations and development of the Coworking Accelerator, but is now moving on to other projects. But we’ll still be in touch and know that anytime we hear the rumble of a drum beat he is probably the source, most likely alongside our Head of Collaborate Sam Hulls and Engagement and Events Coordinator Anna Ciborowska…

Speaking of Anna, she will continue wearing two hats as she works to support and engage our Coworking Accelerator network members as well as our coworking community at TMP HQ – with a versatile job title which covers both!

The Coworking Accelerator is moving from prototype to maturity of our products, and reaching a broader international market with the collective experience of The Melting Pot. If you know anyone looking to set up a coworking space with collaboration at its heart – while we keep place-making, nurturing and belonging in ours – send them our way.


The Melting Pot acquired a whole new venue to run last year and, for the first time in our 11 year history, our coworking community reached capacity. To maintain the high standard of customer service and community support we pride ourselves on, our Operations Team has grown to meet these new challenges.

Phillip Reid has been the back bone of TMP since 2010. He has recently stepped into the role of Operations and Events Supervisor to ensure the smooth running of our venues at TMP HQ on Rose Street and The Studio @ The Crags Centre. Don’t panic Potters! He is also still here to look after you lot, so you can still depend on him for everything, from setting up the printers to a wee chat and a laugh at the kettle.

Cleo Goodman joined our hosting team in 2016 and has also recently taken on a new role developing our services and increasing and effectively measuring TMP’s social impact. She’ll continue to organise the TMPEvents programme and deliver lots of TMP’s marketing and communications. Cleo will now be with TMP part time, the rest of the time working with Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland.

Stephen Martin joined us in 2018 to help us nail the launch of our newest venue, The Studio, and running of all our spaces; it’s been such a productive year we now can’t remember what we did without him! He works with us part time and also runs SJM Creative where he teaches young people all things singing, acting, dancing and theatre. James Gray has taken over from Cleo as full-time Engagement and Events Coordinator. James’ background is in behavioural science and at TMP he will often be found manning the front desk ensuring everyone is looked after. TMP is also where Anna Ciborowska dons her other hat (a rather stylish bowler hat if we remember correctly) and hosts our venues and coworking space. Anna combines her skills in community building and philosophy with her love of problem solving to research, acquire and organise whatever is needed.

The glue that holds the team together is Sam Hulls, our Head of Collaboration. She works with the senior team to lead the strategic direction of TMP Spaces and makes sure the hosting team are in the right place at the right time, including AT HOME switching off every now and again (which is probably the hardest part of her job with our dedicated lot).


We also have those who balance working across all three areas of the business in our ‘HQ team’.

Jennifer Richmond, a powerhouse and entity in her own right, is our invoice lady, administrator, bookkeeper and potentially the most productive person we’ve ever met. The whole team are all eternally grateful for all the work she does, and her humor which often has us in cheeky fits of giggles.

Cathy Sexton, who has been developing our comms strategy, will no longer be working with us but luckily she will still be a Member of the space, remaining stationed at the Fixed Desk closest to reception so we won’t be hit too hard when adjusting to her leaving the team.

Of course we have to mention our CEO Claire Carpenter who keeps EVERYTHING at The Melting Pot, Good Ideas and the Coworking Accelerator running, at pace into the future towards aspirational goals. None of us would be here without Claire and her vision so we all have her to thank.





Phew! Hope you got all that… You can head over to ‘Our People‘ page on the website to see some lovely smiling faces match to the names. And if you would like to meet team TMP in person in 2019 why not come along to one of our TMPEvents