,  • April 19, 2017

This quarter’s Key Concept by founder of The Melting Pot Claire Carpenter

When did you last think that someone or something was remarkable?  A sunny spring day with first blossoms of the year? Watching people undertake daring adventure sports? Hearing an outstanding piece of music? Tasting amazing food?

We often fail to pay attention to things that make our life remarkable, or that are remarkable in themselves. Every day can be remarkable – if only we are mindful enough.

This year is already, and is going to be a remarkable year for The Melting Pot.  We’re going from strength to strength – stimulating and supporting social innovation on an individual and collective level, working through creative ideas and with the right partners to spread our reach and impact.

There are so many forums for inspiration and connection in the coming year that we hope you can participate in, and celebrate our 10th year with us.

From small acorns, mighty oaks grow.  Watch this space for what can happen in another decade.