• August 10, 2020

For a lot of our members (and staff), being without our coworking space throughout lockdown hasn’t been easy. We’ve all missed the social interactions, productivity and leftover sandwiches.

One of those who missed coworking life was one of TMP’s earliest members Jim Campbell. Whilst excited about the prospect of returning to his coworking space, he was at the same time he was feeling very anxious. Jim has kindly shared his reflections on his first day back and how TMP staff and our communications have helped him feel more at ease.

I don’t know if you are like me, but since lock-down started, I haven’t ventured very far from the safety of my local community.  When I have its surprised me how anxious I’ve become beforehand.   So when I got the email to say that TMP was opening up again, on the one hand I was relieved that I could return to working with other people ‘in real life’, but on the other I felt apprehensive.  I decided to go in last Tuesday, but when the day came, I found myself procrastinating, a sure sign of my anxiety!  On Tuesday night, I decided to read over the TMP emails and to my surprise I found a handy video explaining about all the changes.  I watched the video twice and wrote notes!  It’s a great video and answered all of my questions.  It was also lovely to see the faces of TMP staff and I began to feel quite excited about my return.

So on Wednesday morning, I travelled into town on the bus, realising I hadn’t been in the city centre since March!  Armed with my face-covering, alcohol gel and laptop, I entered Thorn House and up to TMP.  I was welcomed by James, found a desk, made a coffee and settled into work.  Despite knowing all the things I needed to do, James was really helpful, reassuring me with questions I had – I even got offered a complimentary tartan face-mask!  It wasn’t long before I started to relax.  I was back! 


So if like me, you are feeling apprehensive on returning to TMP, I would encourage you to watch the video and have a go.  What was great was the staff were also following all the social distancing rules and procedures.  You would expect that to be the case, but often people just say it and then do what they want – only maintaining social distancing for photos!   With many shops, pubs, restaurants and people being haphazard to follow the rules and procedures, it’s great to see TMP has done a thorough job, which ultimately has left me feeling cared for and secure.  In fact I found comfort and safety in all the new measures that were in place, which I’m now taking into the rest of my life. 

I know it’s the corny phrase, but it really does feel like at The Melting Pot, we’re all in this together!