, ,  • October 2, 2019

In the light of the upcoming TMPEvent “Freelance Successfully”, we asked our coworking community about the pros and cons of working for yourself.

What came out of this exercise is an insightful mixture of the serious and the lighthearted, aptly capturing the trade off between autonomy and demands that comes with working for yourself. Going freelance means taking control of your life choices, but brings with it the responsibility of taking control of your life choices. Lots of flexibility is highly desirable in several ways but can lead to lack of routine, and having to learn a huge amount is both a medium for growth and a necessary outcome of doing your own paperwork… Not to speak of the risk of having a rubbish manager (yourself!) and having nobody to file a complaint to (yourself?).

But going freelance also means naps, and The Melting Pot – along with the community which can help with so many of the cons of this lifestyle. And so while there may be some things which could be difficult to avoid when not in a 9 to 5 style job, with many, there are things you can do. Come by The Melting Pot to establish a routine, reduce loneliness, make new connections and friends, and get that Friday feeling back (treats and magic tricks, anyone?). And if you’re after some more specific advice about all things freelance, book your ticket to our event here!

This workshop will be facilitated by Helen Denny, Director of Not9to5. Not9to5 works with individuals and organisations who are aspiring to be less 9-to-5, offering consultancy, coaching and training to help them unlock the benefits of flexibility. With a focus on collaboration, they bring together people with different knowledge, skills and expertise who are able to find creative and innovative ways of working together.

Pros of going freelance:

  • No Sunday evening feeling/dread
  • The Melting Pot
  • Work when you want
  • No early mornings
  • Freedom (of direction)
  • Fits around health issues
  • Lots of flexibility
  • You have to learn a huge amount
  • You get to do what you enjoy for a living
  • Naps
  • Take control of your life choices
  • Very challenging

Cons of going freelance:

  • Time off/holidays often mean no income
  • Routine
  • Having a rubbish manager
  • Income fluctuates / feast-famine
  • No Friday feeling
  • Lack of support: accountability, feedback, for mental support
  • No benefits e.g. pension
  • Risk
  • Can be lonely
  • Paperwork/accounts
  • Often judged on more than just skills & experience
  • Have to figure out how to build a perfect brand that attracts business
  • Having to look for business while already working on projects
  • Overservicing / expectations of clients
  • Responsibility of taking control of your life choices
  • Very challenging
Helen Denny facilitating a previous “Freelance Successfully” event