,  • March 21, 2018

In mid-April we will be launching our brand new events hire venue: The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre. 

The Melting Pot has been a thriving events space for over a decade, welcoming around 10,000 people a year to our venues. It has become clear that there’s more demand for our venue hire services than we can accommodate at 5 Rose Street. So, we’ve decide it’s time to scale up: in mid-April we will be launching our brand new venue, The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre in the Pleasance area of Central Edinburgh.

The Melting Pot has been keen to expand our venue hire offering for some time and we’re very excited to be partnering with and supporting a younger social enterprise as we scale up. This collaboration has generated 2 new jobs, will support both TMP and The Crags Centre’s communities. It also means our venue hire clients can bring their top quality events to a new area of Edinburgh.

One of the co-founders, who’s taken The Crags Centre from closure to thriving social enterprise, is Simon Turner. The idea for this new venture came about when Simon joined team TMP as our Head of Incubation and had one of those fortuitous coworking conversations. We discovered that midweek TMP venues are at capacity but the beautiful Studio at The Crags Centre often sits empty.

With that a collaborative partnership was born! Our venue hire team will run the The Melting Pot Studio @ The Crags Centre every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from mid-April. It is a bright space perfect for up to 30 people, complete with wooden floors and, for the first time ever at TMP, parking! The service and catering will be provided to the high standard you can expect from The Melting Pot – the only drama you’ll experience is the stunning view of Salisbury Crags.

“Social enterprises teaming up and supporting each other is a powerful thing. This collaboration will bring new people to The Crags Centre and gives us extra income to deliver sports clubs, volunteering opportunities and diversionary activities for local young people.”

Simon Turner, Co-founder of The Crags Centre

The Crags Centre was opened as a social enterprise in 2012 by a group of basketballers. The Centre uses sport to develop people and build communities. There are a variety of classes for kids and adults, everything from basketball to aerial yoga, football to martial arts. Have a look at The Crags Centre’s Social Impact Report 2016 to see their progress.


If you want to be one of the first people to book our brand new events space find out more here and email [email protected] to make an enquiry.