,  • October 16, 2019

Hey folks! We return with the third installment of our Block Bookings Client Spotlight series, where we take a peak at what some of our lovely clientele are getting up to. If you’ve jumped in at number three and are scratching your head wondering what on earth you’ve missed, be sure to check out our previous client spotlights. Learn more about Humanism with Alex Simpson here and Mindfulness with Justin Ryan here

Now, we turn our attention to Emily Beardsmore, the Director of Light Up Learning. We’ll be discussing the truly inspiring work carried out by their organisation, and why they do what they do. And, why they have chosen to use the services of The Melting Pot as a base for this work. What a great way to enlighten yourself and brighten up your day!

What is Light Up Learning? 💡

Light Up Learning is a charity dedicated to helping high school students, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and don’t engage well with traditional education, realise their potential and find a passion for learning. Working across Edinburgh and the Lothians, they offer one-to-one mentoring and promote a culture of supportiveness, low-stress and fun. 

The key to this is that students are in charge of their own learning, selecting subjects which they are passionate about and finding ways to engage with these subjects in a way which works well for them. The icing on the already scrumptious cake is the networks which are made available through Light Up Learning, something we Melting Potters are big fans of.

Central to Light Up Learning is a belief in promoting equality, and that social background shouldn’t limit a young person’s potential to learn passionately and develop critical skills. Through their work, they address barriers and develop a supportive community where a positive relationship to learning can be realised. This commitment to fairness is wonderful to see and deserves to be shouted from the rooftops… but a blog will have to do for now! 

Just looking at some of the feedback received from students who went through the programme, you’ll see the profound impact this has on young people. To give you a better idea, this has come in the form of exam results which exceeded expectations for some, and for others, increased confidence in academic pursuits. Whatever the benefits, students report to feel better for having went to the sessions, so their work truly makes a difference to the lives of young learners. 

Block Bookings – Why Us? 🤔

Emily and co have been with The Melting Pot for a number of years, using our coworking space as their office and base. This familiarity with the space made us the obvious choice when it came to their quarterly trustee meetings. And we’re so happy to see our Block Bookings service also being used for this purpose. 

When having a chat with Emily, she talked about why Block Bookings has been a positive service for Light Up Learning. Mainly, the flexibility it offers clients. We try to make sure our service provisions accommodate your needs, and being able to book our spaces out in the evenings and weekends means you’re much less limited in when you can have your events. And, this makes it an especially cost effective option so you, like Emily, have more funds for the work your organisation does. 

An extra bonus, according to Emily, is how quiet the building is during our usual Block Bookings hours. Having the space when it is (usually) entirely yours means you don’t have to worry about noise, distractions or anything else within the space. And as always, our friendly team are happy to help throughout the booking process and can be easily contacted if you have any worries or questions. 

Interested? Here’s Your Next Move! 👇

Think Block Bookings could be the right option for you or your organisation, or someone else you know? Check out the Block Bookings page for all the facts, figures and testimonials and then get in touch with us at [email protected]. Alternatively, give us a bell at 0131 243 2626. We’d be thrilled to hear about your organisations’ needs and how we can help you!

Or, are you interested in finding out more about Light Up Learning? You can reach them via their contact page right here. 

If you’d like to keep up to date on all the happenings, head over to the Light Up Learning  Latest News page. It’s full to the brim with interesting, insightful and inspiring content for you to pour over!  

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. Look out for our blog next week for another melting potter we’re proud to have among us.