,  • August 23, 2019

This summer, we’ve been exploring our Block Bookings service – where our outstanding venues are available for a fraction of the price for regular evening or weekend events. This means that organisations with smaller budgets, or who run events which tend to happen out with our usual operating hours, have a home here with us. And because it is self-hosted, venue hire in the heart of Edinburgh has never been more affordable. Now that’s something to shout about!

We’re shining a spotlight on one of our esteemed Block Bookings clients, the Humanist Society Scotland (HSS). We met with Alex Simpson, a school visitor, treasurer and committee member for HSS, here in our Rose Street premises to chat. Before we dive into his experiences of Block Bookings, let’s take a look at what Alex and HSS are up to.

Block Bookings Client Spotlight

Who are the Humanist Society Scotland? 🌍

Right off the bat, you may be asking yourself ‘what is humanism’? It’s an attitude to life without external sanction – that we live our lives without the influence of spiritual or supernatural forces. This is what Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) believe in.

HSS navigates its actions and aims through the Amsterdam Declaration, which is a set of seven fundamentals at the core of modern humanism. It sets out that humanism is ethical, rational, supports democracy and human rights, insists that personal liberty must be combined with social responsibility, is a response to a widespread demand for an alternative to dogmatic religion, values artistic creativity and imagination, and is a lifestance aiming at the maximum possible fulfilment. 

In striving towards making this vision a reality, HSS takes a proactive approach – undertaking advocacy in areas such as education, the environment, and human rights, it provides services such as weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies, these services being free from religious dogma.

Each week, they run several events, the majority of which are open for anyone to come along and socialise. These include ‘thinking and drinking’ sessions at a local pub, grabbing brunch at Holyrood’s Hemma bar, and hitting up art galleries and the like with the hilariously-named HELL group (Humanists Enjoying Long Life). 

Block Bookings – Why Us? 🤔

HSS were one of our first Block Booking clients when we introduced the service. For the past two years, HSS has called our lovely workshop space home once a month for its Edinburgh monthly meeting. Here, varying guest speakers take to the floor to share fascinating insights, open to all who are interested. These have ranged from slavery and its continual legacy to astrobiology, an interdisciplinary science that seeks to understand the limits of life and the potential for life elsewhere. If you think you’d like to pop along to one of these meetings, check out the HSS events page right here. 

Our block bookings service offers our highly central and wonderfully well-equipped rooms at a remarkably low price. Whether you are hosting a series of training courses, a weekly meeting, or something entirely different, our spaces can accommodate a range of events.  But what’s the catch – surely we haven’t concocted the perfect venue hire service with no real downside? Well, you definitely don’t have to sign away your soul to get it. All we ask is that you host the space yourself, which means that you get extra freedom and peace whilst the space is otherwise quiet or empty. 

Plus, as HSS have helped us discover, our rooms have so much more to offer than great potential for meetings. Did you know our workshop space can be used for karaoke as well? Take a leaf out of their book, as they’ve opted to host their annual December social event with us for an evening full of laughs. When you have access to a quiet venue outside of office hours, the worries of disrupting others trying to get their heads down is no longer a worry. The space is what you make of it, so why not make it fun! 

But what really makes our Block Bookings Service so appealing, aside from the tempting offer of cheap central venue hire, is that even without our hosting services, we still manage to mix in The Melting Pot’s tried and tested addition of wonderful staff. Just take it from Alex Simpson, who “found the staff to be very helpful and on hand to help” with the process. Someone will be readily available to you while you make the initial booking, followed by a thorough induction guiding you through the space and our facilities. While events won’t be hosted due to being outside of our normal operating hours, our staff are only a phone call away if you need any help. 

Interested? Here’s Your Next Move! 👇

Think Block Bookings could be the right option for you or your organisation, or someone else you know? Check out of Block Bookings page for all the facts, figures and testimonials and then get in touch with us at [email protected]. Alternatively, give us a bell at 0131 243 2626. 

Or, think you’d like to find out more about Humanist Society Scotland? Have a look at their website to find out more, including how to get in touch with the Edinburgh branch!