• March 23, 2020

The Melting Pot has closed its doors for now in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Founder and CEO of TMP Claire Carpenter has a few words she wants to share with the social innovation sector. An offer of support that in turn will help you support us and others making social change happen.

What strange times we are living through.

This last week has been a big shock to us all. Things are changing rapidly, and we are all going to face different challenges through this time – personally and professionally.

Social Innovation in a time of crisis

The social innovation sector is needed more than ever. We need sustainably delivered social change to bring us out of this crisis. To do this we must look after ourselves and each other.

The work you were already doing and the new work you have taken on to protect your communities, your businesses and your own well-being is invaluable.  

We are seeing grassroots social innovation flourish. From front line medical staff to notes posted through front doors.

Let’s look after our people. Our organisations. The beautiful ecosystem we have built. Let’s stay afloat so we can operate as the life raft we’ve always intended to be.

The Melting Pot

I spent last week working with my team to ensure our own well-being and safety is protected and to decide where we need to take The Melting Pot. Today we close our doors until we know it is safe to open them again.

I may not need to tell you this, but The Melting Pot largely provides space-based products and services. The last week has really pulled the rug out from beneath our organisation – a business, a social enterprise and a charity. 

We’re used to the hustle and we are adapting and innovating.  

We’re taking our coworking services online, Good Ideas will emerge in brand new digital formats and the Coworking Accelerator will help other coworking practitioners hold on for dear life through all this.  

I have the best team in the world and the last week hasn’t been half as dark with them by my side. I know the social innovation sector has been a stronger place for The Melting Pot for the last 12 years and we’re still right here for you all. We will continue to bolster the sector in this time of crisis.

My requests of you:

  • Look after yourself first. Stay home, follow the government guidance on social distancing and work out what your daily routine needs to include to keep you happy and healthy.
  • Adapt and keep going – in your personal life and at work.
  • Ask for help. You’ll have your own support system, reach out to them. If you want access to mine reach out to the TMP team on [email protected] The Virtual Pot will be ready for you to access soon. You are welcome here.
  • Keep buying things from The Melting Pot. We’ll be launching new services soon, if you can please buy them. Our business has taken an enormous hit. Support us so we can keep supporting you and others like you making social innovation happen. 

All my very best to you and yours,

Claire Carpenter

Founder and CEO of The Melting Pot