,  • September 18, 2017

Say hello to the newest Members of The Melting Pot community! Why not introduce yourself to all the New (and familiar) Faces at the Members’ Show and Tell on Tuesday 14 November? 

Barry O’Kane is joining the Hot Desking, coworking crew from September and runs a small specialist web development agency working with purpose-driven creative agencies and 3rd sector organisations to solve tough problems. Barry said, “We partner with social enterprises, NGOs, and nonprofits who are making the world a better place. We provide these organisations with our web development & programming expertise in an open, honest and caring way. Together our impact is so much more!” – we couldn’t agree more!

Xuechen Liu has recently started work as a research engineer at Emotech – he will be working from one of The Melting Pot’s Fixed Desks! He has a master degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh and Bachelor degree from the University of Liverpool.

Emotech is a London-based start-up working on the innovative personal robot Olly, the first robot with personality.

Gillian Mudie has joined us for some Hot Desking! By day Gill is a management consultant, currently she’s also working on developing a lifestyle app for parents. Gill says, “I do a bit of everything for the new venture and I’m learning on my feet!”

Dale Hornidge has joined us for September before he jets off to Thailand.

He is the Managing Director of Rogue Digital, a Facebook Advertising agency for eCommerce stores.

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