• May 21, 2017

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the record number of new Members that have joined us in May! Get ready, we’re about to introduce you…

Micki McNie joined us on the recommendation of former TMP Staff Member Jon, who she met in Spain when staying at his coworking-coliving space Sun and Co. (coholiday anyone?). Micki is developing her work in real estate and script reading whilst travelling the world as a digital nomad, you can read about her experience here.

As a script reader she helps writers submitting their work to competitions and studios by giving them constructive feedback. Micki wants to see important stories told which is why she aims to develop and produce TV and film dramas.

SamSam Fagan Fagan is another digital nomad joining The Melting Pot, this time all the way from Texas! A web designer of 10 years who, ultimately, considers herself a storyteller, Sam is the founder of Design It Please and is passionate about helping small businesses and non-profits tell their story online.

Sam will be sharing her wisdom while she’s here starting by hosting a TMPEvent – 5 Homepage Must Haves on Wednesday 21 June. She’ll tell us the 5 questions every homepage should answer, if you want your homepage looked at live during the event drop Sam an email on [email protected].

Pina Uhse came along to our Open Day in Early May and immediately fell in love with The Melting Pot and all of our lovely members. Originally from Germany (Cologne), Pina took the leap and moved to Scotland’s capital to take on a new challenge.

Pina is a graphic designer and works with people making the world a better place. Due to the recent move she is looking for new contacts, so if you need a graphic designer or know anyone that does, please get in touch with Pina.

Robyn Elliot runs Elliot and Associates, a network of social workers, consultants, therapists, administrators and other professionals providing a range of services and consultations to the social care sector. They are a social care agency specifically aimed at connecting those working independently within the sector to work, and to each other. Robyn has joined The Melting Pot for some focused time on this project.

Craig Lawson has joined us for a short while as he finishes up his Open University degree in Maths & Economics. I’m sure a lot of us remember the struggle of the last part of a degree so let’s make sure we are generous with the supportive, motivational insights!

Kate Jones came along to the Members’ Show and Tell in March and joined us shortly after. Kate told us, “My mission is to create more human, purposeful workplaces where people and businesses thrive. I see these as “neon” workplaces.”

Kate provides leadership coaching to individuals and teams, as well as culture change consulting. Like a therapist for organisations, she works in-depth on issues like purpose, connection and community, creativity and consciousness. Kate is currently looking to extend her work to communities to help strengthen community health and wellbeing.

James Walter discovered TMP whilst walking along Rose Street. He decided to pop in and use a Desk for a Day and decided to join us.

James runs Candid Media, a Scottish PR agency founded on the principles of openness, honesty and integrity. They help business owners in Scotland navigate the ever complex world of on- and off-line communications.

Jan Brereton attended the Good Ideas Camp in November last year and came away buzzing with ideas! Jan works for FABB Scotland (Facilitating Access Breaking Barriers) Scotland, a national youth organisation, primarily but not exclusively for children and young people with disabilities and additional support needs.

FABB run “Fabb-i-do Themed” activity breaks at the Trossachs Tryst, situated in the heart of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Blazing Saddles’ All Ability Cycling Hubs across Scotland and FABB Flex – an innovative buddy scheme which enables FABB’s target communities to take part in the mainstream activities of their choice.

Jennifer Armitage visited us late last summer and, after spending some time down south, has finally made it back to Edinburgh to join our community.

LAMP Development works with organisations to improve performance and maximise the impact of overseas aid.

Robbie Landsburgh joined The Melting Pot after our Open Day at the start of May.

Robbie runs a property business and is looking to develop a real estate website to sell commercial property online to ‘small time’ and/or inexperienced investors.

Robbie says: “One of my intentions for the business is to set up an internship programme to introduce students to the world of property and to give work experience to students already studying a property-related degree. So I hope to make this one of the company’s positive contributions to society and education!

Jay Utermann joined the TMP community at the beginning of May after attending one of April’s Open Days.

Jay offers nutritional coaching for athletes and non-athletes to support them improving their performance, body-composition and health. A fascinating field that’s recently become rather fashionable recently, Jay will be sharing his nutritional wisdom later on in the year by hosting a TMPEvent. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.


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