,  • March 12, 2020

We are delighted to introduce more new faces to our wonderful coworking community. Learn more about our newest members here…

With Framing Matters, Ralph Underhill uses insights from social psychology, cognitive linguistics and framing to help NGOs communicate more effectively. It differs from other communication work as it focuses on what is already in people’s heads! He is also a cartoonist, regularly appearing on editorial cartoons on the Canary.co and on Mark Avery’s Blog, and he does commissions, but only for NGOs and grassroots organisations!

Sophie Bridger manages Eden Project Communities work in Scotland, including delivering the Big Lunch, an annual campaign bringing neighbours and communities closer together. She’s interested in movement building, kindness, peacebuilding and communities. She lives in Leith with her husband and cat.

Hannah Clyne is from Inverness-shire in the Highlands of Scotland, but has lived and worked in East Africa for most of her adult life, working with a network of community led organizations there, supporting them to build their resilience and independence. She has a Masters in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh and currently works as the Programs Strategy Lead at Mama Hope.

Michael Fellowes, is the director and owner of Sunsurfer, a consultancy providing staff training in Equality and Diversity throughout the UK. He is deaf, fluent in British Sign Language (BSL) and is an expert trainer. He specialises in equality and diversity, British Sign Language and Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA). He has just moved up from Manchester, so he is still getting used to Scottish accents! Welcome to the community, Michael!

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