,  • June 13, 2019

Summer’s here, so we will sea you at the beach. We are DELIGHTED to welcome SIX new faces to our wonderful coworking community. Learn more about our newest members here…


Tricia Okin is an experienced design leader and strategist who has practiced human-centred design since 2004. She applies design principles to small and large scale human or societal problems such as hunger, health financing or technology awareness. Welcome to the community Tricia!




Ben Parker joined Housing Options Scotland in May 2019 for the new position of Volunteer Coordinator. His role is to facilitate the volunteer programme, working with former clients and staff to create opportunities for people to engage with the work of HOS. Great work Ben!




Kelly McBride works with The Democratic Society, a non-profit organisation working to improve the ways that people are involved and shaping the decisions that affect their lives. She has a background in non-formal learning and community based projects, with a decade of experience facilitating spaces for dialogue deliberation and learning.



Akin to Kelly, Annie Cook also works for The Democratic Society, as a Digital Engagement Officer. She is one of our new fixed desk members so you should see her quite a bit!





Emma Congreve is a long-time economist and one time civil servant. She is now working for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to achieve social change in Scotland. Emma is joining us as at the hot desks. Welcome Emma!






Alwin Meijs is a self-confessed geek who loves to work remotely and meet new people! He has a growing interest in mindfulness and loves beer and whiskey. Alwin just has a membership for a couple of weeks, so catch him before he’s off!





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