,  • July 17, 2018

That’s right, The Melting Pot community is still growing! This month we welcome the new members of team Dribble and other fabulous folks specialising in everything from electrical engineering to counselling and psychotherapy. Read on and meet…

Orion Correa is an Electrical Engineer by education. He started a robotics inspection company out of college before moving into software. Orion worked for a couple years as a web developer before starting his current position consulting on Netsuite implementations. Originally from Seattle now based in Boston, Orion is in Edinburgh, and will be a Member of The Melting Pot, for the next month!

The Dribble team is growing in anticipation of their app launching this Summer! Dribble is an app that puts this key information into every parents’ hands, full of recommendations from people who know the city best.

Coral Armstrong (left) and Emma Reavley (right) have joined the team to work on Dribble’s marketing and operations, developing their app, website and customer base.

Jason Holmes recently gained a professional doctorate in counselling and psychotherapy from the University of Edinburgh. Studying brought him to to the city in 2012, and after qualifying as a therapist in 2014 he has worked here ever since. Jason is originally from Yorkshire, and has a background in outsourcing NHS services to the private sector, he continues to work with a number of NHS organisations in an advisory capacity. When not working, he’s either drinking coffee, writing a book, thinking about getting a dog or checking out kitchen gadgets. Welcome to TMP Jason!

Emmanuel Michelakakis is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who started off as a Legal Counsel, and later Director of Operations, for an international travel brand. Now, he’s leading spur tech’s vision to bring smart, personalised learning into the mainstream of education.

Florence Wood is a communications coordinator for the DC-based PR firm, Burness. She works as part of the Global team whose focus areas include forestry, climate change, Indigenous Peoples’ rights and other development issues. Burness work with a number of partners including the Ford Foundation, the Climate and Land Use Alliance and their grantees.

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