• February 19, 2018

This February we are absolutely smitten with our new Members! Read on to find out what they’ll be working on at The Melting Pot…

Jesse Alexander Cameron, is originally from Canada and moved to Scotland last year! Alongside the big move Jesse founded Thistle Editing. He told us, “I take much pride in my work of editing other writer’s manuscripts. I don’t know if I will ever push myself to publish my own work, but assisting other authors to achieve their dream gives me a lot of joy. Editing allows me to touch greatness; you never know who will be the next Austen, Dickens, Hemingway or Tolstoy.”  When not working Jesse enjoys road trips, exploring Scotland, football and nights at the pub with a good whisky – our kinda guy!

Ria Lewis works as part of the British Red Cross Global Surge team. They are a small pool of technical experts who are deployed at short notice anywhere in the world to deliver technical and programmatic assistance throughout the different stages of disaster relief. She spends most of the year travelling across the world but will be Hot Desking at TMP when she’s in Edinburgh.

Sarah Miller and Isadora Quay work for CARE International, a global network of 18 independent member and affiliate organisations working in more than 90 countries around the world. Alongside of hundreds of partners and alliances CARE tackle the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice to bring lasting change to the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

Isadora works as the Global Gender in Emergencies Coordinator for programme quality.

Sarah has worked for CARE for 12 years in more than 25 countries on strategy, programme design and learning. She is now on the global senior leadership team responsible for heading up strategic future directions and overall organisational design, development, innovations and change. She said, “My personal passion is to focus on change at the level of individuals, teams and organisations within broader ecosystems, to bring about greater positive social change.”

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