,  • February 21, 2017

Lots of new faces have been joining our coworking community this month so please join us in giving a big friendly welcome to new ‘Potters’…

Simon Francis Simon Francis has joined The Melting Pot after moving up from London. He works for Campaign Collective, a social enterprise helping charities, social enterprises, public service organisations and other campaigners benefit from affordable professional communications, advice and support.
Sam Anderson Sam Anderson founded The Junction – a prevention service working with young people to help support them in making positive choices that promote their health and wellbeing. “We have developed a holistic model of recognised good practice which we are keen to capture & share more widely,” says Sam. She’ll be cosying up at the Hot Desks!
Seth Nabarro Seth Nabarro settled in to his Fixed Desk in “Tech Corner” this month. He’s a machine learning engineer for InformedActions. “I write code to analyse data in intelligent ways. Most implementations of machine learning involve using data to better understand a system, generate predictions for that system or learn abstractions of it. Not to build killer robots.” (…or so he claims…)
Living Streets Our Thorn House neighbours Living Streets have joined us on a Networker package. You might spot them grabbing a couch, booth or the Pod Space when there’s no meeting room downstairs. Living Streets want to create a walking nation; improving walking conditions, people’s wellbeing and to make walking the natural choice.
james tough James Tough has joined The Melting Pot as a Hot Desker, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the arts, culture and creative sectors. James runs his own company providing individual coaching and organisational development support. He is also the Chairman for the Imaginate Edinburgh International Children’s Festival – which will run from 27 May – 4 June.


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