• December 19, 2017

Here they are! The latest new members to join The Melting Pot and the last New Faces of 2017! It’s time to extend a big warm welcome to…

Mohammed Al-Haifi, an entrepreneurial-minded Business Management/Marketing student in his final bachelor’s year. Born in the US, originally from Yemen, Moh grew up in Germany and is now exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh. He’s joined The Melting Pot to work with Gill Mudie on Dribble: a review based smartphone application that helps parents find child-friendly places and activities.

Svend-Erik Engh recently joined The Melting Pot after holding a TMPEvent about storytelling. He’s taught people how to tell stories for the last 25 years. Svend told us “We don’t want to hear more facts and hear rational arguments about why we should be interested in your work. Tell me a grounded story with passion and I will listen. I teach any business person and people from every kind of organisation how to tell their story.”

Krishan Coupland is a freelance writer. He runs several blogs and a small press, and sometimes works on digital art projects. Krishan blogs about escape rooms and immersive theatre, and he’s currently working on a novel. Welcome!

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