As we start to put the last of the details in place for the inaugural Movement Makers event, we want to make sure that you make the most of the day. Below you will find a little more information about the day and what to expect, as well as what you can do to make sure you’re prepared.

Arrive in style

Attending with colleagues or friends? Arrange carpooling or get the train or bus together. Not only will it help the environment, you will also have the opportunity outside of the event to create connections and continue conversations.

Arrive prepared

Remember to BYOWB (Bring Your Own Water Bottle)! As an environmentally-conscious community, we are committed to being a waste-free event. There won’t be any plastic cups or bottles available on the day, but there will be many places to fill up your own bottle.

Bring your business cards. If you’re a student, this is a great opportunity to get some printed in advance to impress new contacts.

Choose your theme before you arrive. There are three themes for the day: health & well-being, social innovation, and the environment. Each of the panel speakers will focus on one of the three themes, following which there will be break-out discussion groups for those themes. When choosing which sessions to attend, consider what you will learn, or that you might meet someone new. You will have to select a theme when you secure your ticket, but there may be some flexibility on the day to change.

Arrive with intention

Write down your goals for the day. What do you want to get out of Movement Makers? New connections, a solution to a pressing problem, further learning? Innovation requires planning, so it’s good to start now.

Make sure you know who is coming and what not to miss. A digital brochure will be circulated the week before Movement Makers with details about our speakers and panel. Think of questions you want to ask in advance: for speakers, the panel, or in the workshops.

Arrive with an open mind

Expect to have unexpected conversations; expect to have your ideas challenged. Innovation is beyond the status quo, and inspiration is always a few conversations away. Bring something to record thoughts and notes to make sure you don’t miss those moments.

Arrive with energy

It’s a cliche for a reason: you only get out what you put in!

Take the initiative to create networking situations where you feel comfortable. Movement Makers is set to attract people who are fascinated with how social change occurs. They will come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, yet with similar values and concerns for the world. It is impossible to know where solutions will be found for a pressing problem: sometimes the intersection of two very different industries can create the most innovative solutions. A process that starts from a small idea can quickly build upon itself to have a much larger impact.

Stay involved

Spread the word about Movement Makers and social innovation through your social networks. Share the event on social media to see who else in your network is coming along – who knows, you might find a ride.

There will be an active social media desk at Movement Makers where you can keep up with the latest discussions happening at the event. Keep involved and a follow along through the hashtag #MovementMakers and #LearnConnectDo, and make sure to tag @TheMeltingPot in any updates.

Now you are a Movement Maker, don’t let the momentum slow down. Link up with your new connections, continue conversations over coffee or at the pub. A change in location may spur new ideas or inspire a novel approach to an old problem. Do not wait too long after the event!

Keep talking, keep exploring, keep curious!

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