,  • July 13, 2017

Last year TMP Member Conrad Hughes took part in a homelessness themed hackathon. His team produced the winning idea, Shelter then obtained funding from Comic Relief to build it.

On Wednesday 19 July Shelter will be doing it all over again! Find out more here.

Shelter are running a one day event to unite charities and the tech community and address the digital problems charities face. Last year the team, that included TMP Member Conrad Hughes, came up with the winning idea. Thanks to funding from Comic Relief Shelter then went on to build their design! Conrad told us a bit about their idea from last year,

“The idea seems very obvious in retrospect: if you’re newly homeless, working out what to do next and what your rights are is tricky. The information’s out there, but getting it will require quite a bit of searching and reading (not ideal when you’re in a panic), and until they get professional advice many people still end up being turned away from help on one technicality or another. 

So, we designed a system which asks the absolute minimum number of questions to get you the advice and directions you need, and makes sure you know your rights before talking to the agencies that are there to help you.  It uses data that Shelter Scotland already curate, and should work no matter where you are in Scotland.  Plan is to open source it, roll it out across the UK, and to adapt it to similar emergency situations (e.g. food).”

On the 19th of July Shelter Scotland will be exploring “Building and inspiring digital communities”. They’re keen to discover the benefit of tech and charity communities coming together and how this unity could improve Scotland’s approach to digital.

The idea for the event came while working on the “I need help” tool, conceived by Conrad and his team last year. While working on this project Shelter realised that, as a charity, it’s hard to tap in to the tech community to commission work or to find advice. They hope that by inviting both charities and designers, developers and marketers progress will be made.

Tickets to the event are currently all allocated, but you can contact the event organisers to be put on the wait list.