,  • February 21, 2017

WomenBeing is an open and collaborative international platform, based in Scotland, which celebrates and showcases women’s talents in the creative sectors, entrepreneurship and research. This is done in an intersectional way, online and through events, and they’re about to launch their activities in 2017.

They’re developing a collaborative blog, video-interviews with women working on the mentioned sectors, an “International Conference on Women’s and Gender Studies and for Women in Research”, film screening in partnership with the Fem Tour Truck, concerts, and exhibitions. These activities will mainly be developed in Scotland, but they are also programming activities in Portugal and Spain. If you would like to keep updated about their activity, please follow their website or Facebook.

The ‘Gals for Gals Scotland’ group and the WomenBeing Project will also be collecting sanitary items for The Homeless Period Edinburgh to support and help our disadvantaged and homeless women. The charity takes donations of new underwear (bottoms), sanitary towels, tampons, hygienic wipes and little plastic bags. 

Anyone that would like to participate, please leave the items you would like to donate at The Melting Pot before Friday 3 March, for Monica to collect.