,  • February 21, 2017

The What? Why? Children in Hospital is the charity that helps families prepare for hospital. They make videos to showing children and their parents what happens when you need to go to hospital. Many children and their parents are anxious when they hear they need to have a procedure in hospital, most children do not know what will happen and how it will feel. As a parent you worry about what is wrong with your child and you don’t always know how to support them or what to tell them about the hospital procedure. The What? Why? Children in Hospital website and videos give play ideas and information about hospital tests.

What? Why? Children in Hospital has just completed a successful project with the Audiology team at the Children’s Hospital in Glasgow. The project uses the power of film to inform parents about hearing tests for their babies. Check out the video here – learn the process of testing a baby’s hearing and watch one adorable example!

If you have any your feedback pass it over to TMP Member and WWCIH founder Marit Boot. Do you think this video helps anxious parents when they need to bring their baby to hospital for a test? Do you find the questions in the video helpful?