,  • October 25, 2017

A brill bunch of people have joined The Melting Pot this October, just in time to take advantage of a nice warm coworking space and unlimited warm beverages this winter. Let’s make sure to give them a nice warm welcome too! Say hello to…

Nichole Fernandez a visual sociologist who recently completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Nichole told us, “I research visual representation in advertisements specifically looking at nation branding and arguing for better, fairer, and more ethical representation. I am currently involved in creating a documentary on Scottish identity and a project exploring advertising within the public sphere.”

Tracey Rosenberg works for Cucumber who are on a mission to unite the business and technology-facing sides of software organisations. They teach practices and build tools that foster mutual understanding and respect, saving your team time and money. They’re software practitioners with decades of experience using agile & lean techniques who love to share what they’ve learned.

Miles Franklin works with long time TMP Member Charlie Blair for Gravitricity, an energy storage technology company. Miles has taken residence at one of our Fixed Desks for a short while to work on the project.

Andy Hyde has joined The Melting Pot for some Hot Desking action! He works for Upstream who provide training for transport operators based on real-life experience. They work with people affected by dementia to improve mobility services, bringing people affected by dementia together with people who provide travel and transport services, through stories and shared experiences. “We spend time together, learn from each other and explore ways in which transport could become more enabling. We aim to put the voice of people affected by dementia at the heart of future mobility service design by creating opportunities that everyone can contribute to.”

One Acre Fund works with over 400,000 farm families in East Africa, selling improved farming inputs to small holder farmers on credit. New Member Jeff Cook-Lundgren is on the internal audit team, helping to ensure One Acre Fund achieves its objectives through improved internal controls. He does accounting, general finance and internal control consulting on the side!

Melanie MacGregor is a freelance Japanese translator working with investment banks to translate reports written by Japanese analysts. Mel is originally from Melbourne but moved over to sunny Scotland about 12 years ago, she also lived in Japan and visits often.

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