,  • November 23, 2018

We’re making sure to keep The Melting Pot full of fabulous new folks, get to know the last group of new Members to join in 2018…

The Light Up Learning team have joined TMP! Light Up Learning is dedicated to putting young people in charge of their learning – giving them the resources, skills, and contacts they need to achieve their potential. Emily Beardsmore (left), Good Ideas alumni, has recently taken on the role of Director. Emily is passionate about education and social justice and you’ll be able to find her at the Hot Desks from December onward! Her colleagues Richard McLauchlan and Erin McElhinney (right) will be joining her. You may recognise Erin from our very own staff board, she works with the host team and we’re very excited to welcome her to the other side of the room. Can’t wait to have you all around more!

Jeff Meek is a Forensic Accountant with experience of being an expert witness in Sheriff Courts and Court of Session. His client projects include divorce cases, partnership disputes, company valuations, intellectual property valuations and commercial disputes. Jeff is joining us to use the Hot Desks, welcome!

Marina Bombal spent 5 years in the children’s leisure sector, then 5 years in the hospitality industry, now she’s ready for a new challenge, starting a professional shift and looking to develop her business as an independent French tutor. She is also gaining a qualification to become an English-French public service interpreter and translator. Marina is very interested by the third-sector and social work, volunteering for several organisations during her free time, so there will be lots to talk about at TMP.

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