This isn’t about stretching your aspirations beyond all sense of immodest ego, but about the fundamental routes to succeed in turning an idea to reality.

The ‘star’ of the show is the great idea. For our star to shine bright it must be within and connected to many other stars – i.e. a galaxy. The stronger the connections and higher the numbers of connections to other stars, the more likelihood of success.

Although it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to work out what common sense would tell us, Peter Gloor, a research scientist from MIT, has proven the value of collaboration networks in innovation and learning.  More info can be found here. Our challenge to you is; how can you act everyday to build a galaxy?

Here at TMP we nurture many stars – people and their ideas – helping turn them into reality. Connections are made, new sparks fly, different trajectories are travelled, new forms of rocket fuel given and taken.  Far more than just an office space; the heart of coworking is in community and capacity building. We hope you enjoy a taste of what’s been happening and is coming up in on our radar.