,  • July 11, 2019
Wooden blocks reading "Our strategy is to: Build national evidence; set national policy; build national coalitions"

“The world in which we live is experiencing more complicated problems who’s relationships with one can make them seem overwhelming. We experience these problems in our own lives when our health, our education, our livelihoods, our environment are adversely affected. And if it is not our own lives affected, then it is the lives of other people in our homes in our communities.

These problems prevent us from leading happy, healthy lives, thriving as individuals and communities.

Unfortunately, the strategies and the tools which we have today to tackle these problems are insufficient.

They often do not solve the problems owing to the dynamic nature of the problems they seek to solve. And resource-intensive solutions are constrained by limited resources; the people and the money to pay for implementation.

The way forward is not to tinker around the edges of the existing solutions. It is not to find ever more resources from a diminishing pot that is increasingly oversubscribed. We have to be honest and accept that the only way forward is to come up with new solutions: good ideas that can help solve the problems that our friends, families and communities face.

Such innovation inevitably starts as an idea: a fleeting thought; perhaps a vision of how the world could be a better place that exists in the mind of one person.

There are thousands of such ideas germinating in entrepreneurial minds every day. And these are the ideas that are essential for us to survive and thrive in the future. They must, therefore, be realised. They cannot be left as ideas, idle in the minds of entrepreneurs”…

This is the start of an article from Will Muir at Project Raise. Read the full article at Good-ideas.org >>

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