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What is Social Innovation?

Social innovation is about finding creative solutions to local, national and international social and environmental problems. Social innovation focuses on making the most difference possible (as opposed to maximising profits) but is not the exclusive preserve of non-profit making organisations. Instead what makes it different is that it often involves collaboration between different sectors.

Social innovators are individuals, groups, organisations and agencies that are prototyping (testing), developing, delivering and expanding services that deliver these new ideas.

Social innovation is not the same as social enterprise, as social enterprises are always non-profit organisations whereas social innovation often involves collaboration between sectors.

What is Social Impact?

Social impact is the difference that we make to people and/or the environment.

For example, the Good Ideas Academy aims to make a difference by:

  • Supporting the set up of and helping sustain new non-profit organisations
  • Supporting the creation of new jobs and volunteer opportunities
  • Enabling non-profits to increase the number of beneficiaries they support and the quality of their work
  • Supporting social innovators to increase the turnover of their organisations

Who should apply for the Good Ideas Academy?

If you have an idea, currently offer consultancy or even a registered business – that you want to grow – that will have positive social impact at its heart and soul – then we’d like to hear from you. It can be ‘for profit’ or ‘non-profit’ – at the initial stage – we are agnostic and want to help you shape it.

However, we will prioritise working with people to create new or develop emerging non-profit organisations, rather than private businesses, for the ‘Good Ideas Class 18’ stage – see below for more info.

What are the key dates and stages?

‘The Good Ideas Academy 2017-18’ begins with the ‘Good Ideas Camp’. You will be required to commit to four workshops on 4th, 5th, 18th & 19th November 2017 from 9-5pm at The Melting Pot in Edinburgh.

In order to progress on to the ‘Good Ideas Class of 2018’ (January – June 2018) you will be required to pitch your idea at an event on 4 December 2017 from 5-8:30pm at The Melting Pot in Edinburgh.

10 socially innovative ideas and their founder/s will be selected at this point to move forwards into the next stage of the programme – the ‘Good Ideas Class on 2018’. This run January – June 2018, and group workshops will be focused on Monday nights, 6-9pm though other inputs will be held at different times.

What is the cost?

The Good Ideas Academy is FREE to you – thanks to the support of our sponsors.

Is overnight accommodation available and included?

No, not by us… but there’s plenty of places you can stay in this great city, on any budget!

What travel expenses can I claim back?

A maximum of £10 can be claimed for each day of attendance at the ‘Good Ideas Camp’. If there is more than one person working on an idea £10 is the combined amount which can be claimed. A claim form can be picked up on each day of the camp. A refund will be provided when the form is complete and proof of purchase of travel claimed is attached and approved by The Melting Pot.

Who can I contact if I want to ask something not mentioned here?

Please email Julie Ellam, the Programme coordinator. She works part-time and will respond ASAP.