By completing the Good Ideas Class 70+ Alumni organisations and counting have joined our Alumni. Below are the Alumni for past programmes 2012 – 18

(Good Ideas Academy previously Social Innovation Incubator Scotland (SIIA))


Good Ideas Academy 2017-18

  • Andy Hyde

    Andy Hyde


    Getting out and about and remaining active is key to living well with dementia, but transport systems can sometimes be a challenge to access and navigate. Go Upstream is a training and design consultancy that helps service providers to improve the travel experiences of customers with hidden disabilities. We bring service operators and people living with dementia together to explore the challenges of travelling and to design more enabling products and services.

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  • Callum MacKinnon

    Callum MacKinnon

    Forth Valley Rebound Therapy Service CIC

    Forth Valley Rebound Therapy Service CIC is the first and only open referral service for Rebound Therapy in Scotland – based in Stirling.

    ‘Rebound Therapy’ uses a trampoline as a tool to engage children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and additional support needs in physical activity that promotes the improvement of physical, social and sensory outcomes.

    A comprehensive, holistic and integrated person-centred approach is delivered by a qualified Occupational Therapist. This makes Rebound Therapy sessions and activities fun – to promote engagement and achieve the best quality outcomes for each individual participating.

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  • Celia Hodson

    Celia Hodson

    Hey Girls

    Hey Girls was set up with the philosophy that girls and young women should never have to compromise their wellbeing or their health. Period Poverty is a first world problem and girls and young women regularly skip school and work because they cannot afford sanitary products. So thats why we set up Hey Girls – to offer a no leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly product that tackles period poverty in the UK, and all the profits from Hey Girls Buy One Give One Sanitary Pad go straight to help girls and young women in need as for every box sold to a customer Hey Girls gives a box away.

    Our health and education objectives allow us to distribute sanitary pads to girls from disadvantaged communities in the UK, in schools via teachers networks and girls groups thus assisting girls to manage menstruation in a way that doesn’t put them at risk of infection.  Educational packs and workshops for girls and boys create awareness around the benefits of better menstrual health and help build confidence, self-esteem, improve educational attainments, participation in sports and an increased quality of life.

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  • Kenneth Allan

    Kenneth Allan

    Repurposing of Empty Buildings for Beneficial Homeless Use

    Repurposing of Empty Buildings for Beneficial Homeless Use seeks to facilitate mutually beneficial construction development, training and work opportunities for homeless people, construction professionals and trades. Its purpose is to create permanent affordable accommodation and supportable employment prospects. REBBHU aims to achieve this through partnering with local authorities, homeless organisations and construction teams. REBBHU transformation of empty buildings into sustainable homes is intended to substantially enhance the harmony of their host community.

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  • Lauren McLaughlin

    Lauren McLaughlin

    Spilt Milk

    Spilt Milk is a not-for-profit arts organisation promoting and supporting the work of female artists with children.

    Through an exciting programme of exhibitions and events, as well as the development of a flexible/affordable childcare model for artists, our aim is to create innovative ways of supporting artist-mothers sustain their careers alongside raising happy healthy children.

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  • Lauren Jarvis

    Lauren Jarvis

    Pets in Crisis

    My project is concerned with developing solutions to the lack of pet care provision for vulnerable pet owners experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic abuse. Temporary accommodation and shelters operate a ‘STRICTLY NO PETS’ policy, which enforces separation and deters vulnerable people from finding a safe place.

    There are pet fostering charities that provide free temporary care through unpaid volunteers, but demand exceeds availability. Consequently, many people in difficult circumstances lose what may be their only source of emotional support and suffer the anguish of having their cherished pets re-homed. My aim is to find an effective, long-term way of supporting people and their pets through times of crisis.

  • Maria Perez

    Maria Perez

    Scotland’s Social Way

    Scotland’s Social Way is an adventure to strengthen the social economy while enjoying the unrivalled Scottish culture and landscape.

    It’s about exploring the country and featuring the things that bring people together: food, play, stories, visiting unknown places, learning new skills …

    We believe in an economy for the good of everyone, so what if we could build it up while having fun across the country? Rediscovering, in the process, the incalculable human value of villages and towns.

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  • Nicola Lamberton & Keith Murray

    Nicola Lamberton & Keith Murray

    Duncan Place: Your Space

    Duncan Place will be a profit for purpose community centre acquired, owned and operated by the community of Leith, Edinburgh. The building will provide activities focussing on art, crafts, culture, health and well-being. Learning new skills and taking part in activities reduces isolation and increases well-being. A pay it forward scheme (or similar) will be operated to ensure everyone can be welcomed and involved.

    Rental space will be available for the third sector, local commercial artists and SMEs with profits being returned to further improve the facilities and provide community events.

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  • Roz Adams Listen Up

    Roz Adams

    Listen Up

    I want citizens to direct their communities and to improve the partnerships between local people and the organisations working where they live. I want to enable frontline staff to get beyond the views of the usual suspects and the ‘hard-to-hear’ complaints to what really matters to people, without them changing the way they express themselves. I will deliver listening workshops using the skills of Nonviolent Communication to enable quality conversations between frontline staff and the people they serve. These will get to the heart of the matter, will involve citizens in finding solutions and will inform the changes needed.

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2016 - 17

  • Wee Seeds

    Wee Seeds

    Christina Cran

    Wee Seeds exists to give parents and professionals tools to plant and grow the seeds of mindfulness and meditation in 3-5 year olds, by way of fun, easy, interactive exercises, delivered through digital resources, either online or an app, to help their little ones develop their inner quiet and strength and nurture the parent/child connection.

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  • Exploring Participation

    Exploring Participation

    Emily Beardsmore

    Exploring Participation is a new form of dialogue bringing together ordinary people who are adversely affected by policy decisions and who experience poverty and disadvantage as a result, policy-makers, politicians, community groups, academics to create a new paradigm for political engagement. This project will start with a conversation, experimenting with innovative methods of participation and finding models that can be rolled out at scale.

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  • Fearless Femme

    Fearless Femme

    Eve Hepburn

    Fearless Femme is an inspirational and kick-ass online magazine that empowers young women to overcome stress and mental health problems. Unlike other magazines that focus on beauty, Fearless Femme celebrates the innate strengths of young women, to help build their resilience. By creating this space, Fearless will help young women feel stronger, connected, and proud of who they are.

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  • The Wrapping Paper Society

    The Wrapping Paper Society

    Felix Gilfedder

    The Wrapping Paper Society connects people through gifts.

    Each person starts with an empty box. Through writing, speaking, recording or making, stories are created, by the end of the activity each person’s box holds their story. The box then becomes a gift, a means of connecting people with the same issue, opposing views or simply to express love.

    Through sharing something – a gift, a memory, a moment – some part of ourselves, The Wrapping Paper Society gives people a way to connect.

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  • Bedrock Productions

    Bedrock Productions

    Iyo Irabor

    Through partnerships, programs and spaces, Bedrock Productions nurtures vibrant neighborhood-based art ecosystems, which enhance community resilience and provide local artists with opportunities for sustainable care.

  • Shiatsu Connects

    Shiatsu Connects

    Jenny White

    At Shiatsu Connects, we ensure accessible, affordable Shiatsu and related body therapies are at the heart of Scotland’s personal and social health care. Shiatsu Connects exists to bring touch therapy into the mainstream through a far-reaching network of treatment, training and support services. Shiatsu Connects creates resilient well-connected individuals and communities.

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  • Real Talk

    Real Talk

    Lily Asch

    Real Talk is a social enterprise dedicated to authenticity and honesty around experiences of mental ill health. We believe in the power storytelling holds to build empathy, foster connection and empower. We host mental health storytelling evenings, where real people share real stories. We also run workshops and trainings around storytelling and wellbeing.

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  • Wilderness Training Company

    Sam Abrahams

    The wilderness training community interest company provides lifesaving adventures in Scotland and overseas. We take first aid training out of the classroom, and into the wild! We use profits from our work to provide lifesaving training for communities in need.

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  • The Local Food Collective

    The Local Food Collective

    Stuart Guzinski & Donna McArdle

    We believe a holistic appreciation of our local food communities needs to be invested in to promote projects and make them more accessible to everyone.

    We are building a grass-roots city wide food network to better connect our food communities to each other and amplify our voice both locally and nationally.

2015 - 16

  • Cosmopolita Scotland

    Cosmopolita Scotland

    Jordi Albacete/Noelia Martinez

    “A social innovative project that aims to integrate the Spanish speaking community living in Scotland and the Scottish society by elaborating intercultural journalism”.

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  • Crossing Countries

    Crossing Countries

    Jean Louise Cathro

    “Crossing Countries is a social enterprise that provides a unique, individualised opportunity for disabled and non-disabled people to volunteer abroad together”.

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  • Chris Hellawell

    Edinburgh Tool Library

    Chris Hellawell

    “Sharing tools with our members and helping them live more sustainably. We minimise their carbon footprint by reducing the need for ownership of tools that aren’t regularly used”.

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  • Zakia Moulaoui

    Invisible (Edinburgh)

    Zakia Moulaoui

    “Invisible (Edinburgh) is a social enterprise set up in Edinburgh in 2015. It works with people who have been affected by homelessness and trains them to become walking tour guides. It also promotes alternative social minded tours of the city.

    We don’t believe in labels or stereotypes and want to show that everyone has great potential. We focus on good quality training so that every guide is given the opportunity to walk you through THEIR Edinburgh. Our tours are local, friendly and show you the real side of the city!”

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  • Magenpie


    Kate Walters/Aline Hill

    “Our work is based around an ethos which advocates a person-centred approach to helping groups explore and enjoy their local wild spaces. We offer facilitation and capacity-building through training, demonstration and on-going support”.

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  • Pop Up! Scotland

    Anne Rushing

    “A creative company that is infinitely adaptable. We’re a group of passionate people whose idea is to get the arts out of traditional spaces and into unusual places. We make unique, temporary experiences in the form of pop up exhibitions, creative workshops, film festivals, and more.”

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  • Shed Therapy

    Gavin Phillips/Clare Phillips

    “Provider of human-powered woodworking & wood-fired baking activities, whether for 3 minutes or 3 months. Kids in nursery, NHS patients at our weekly sessions and Joe and Jane Public doing green woodwork in the street have all easily lifted their fun-o-meters with”.

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  • Indie Flynn

    Square Peg

    Indie Flynn

    “Square Peg is a small autism friendly organisation offering  animation, film and art workshops  for young people ages 5-25 with medium to high level functioning autism. Through creativity we give young people, not only a voice, but a way to learn social copying mechanism’s that they can carry with them throughout there adult life.”

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  • The Edinburgh Student Arts Festival

    Briana Pegado

    “We are a platform for emerging artists and creatives to showcase their work to the public. We aim to increase public access to the arts while supporting our creatives with skills development and career development opportunities.Our ultimate aim is for every young person in Scotland to be able to access the creative sector in order to fulfil their potential.”

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  • Caroline Malcolm

    Upcycled World

    Caroline Malcolm/Rose Hall

    “Inspires and educates people to reuse and upcycle via workshops and courses held in various locations. The workshops are mobile (currently piloting these in Edinburgh and Portobello) and ideally I’d love for these to be accessible to all.”

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2014 - 15

  • Ross Jenkins

    Build to Grow

    Ross Jenkins

    “Aims to give people in housing need the chance to build their own place to live out of predominantly waste materials. The self-builders will produce affordable, and efficient accommodation”

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  • Creative Citizen

    Creative Citizen

    Lorraine McCauley & Anita Sharkey

    “Designing creative learning programs for schools to support teachers with the delivery of the CfE (Curriculum for Excellence) and the Learning for Sustainability objectives. Our projects will aim to support students, staff and local community members to connect with each other and their locality, their needs and their natural environment”

  • Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre

    Emma Jayne Park

    “Stimulate connection & communication through producing & touring high quality dance & hip hop theatre. The aim is to drive the dance & performance sector as a vehicle for social  innovation both nationally & internationally”.

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  • Focus Locus

    Focus Locus

    Matthew Edmondson

    “Focus Locus provides consultancy and project management to training projects, bringing my expertise of blending learning, accelerated learning and of delivering IT training to diverse groups (adults, youths, drug rehab, alcohol rehab, excluded youths, youths with ADHD, BME groups, homeless)”.

  • Joe Travers


    Joe Travers

    “Uses methods of drama focusing on character development, movement, self-awareness, and reminisce techniques to encourage social inclusion & decreasing isolation among residents of care & support homes”.

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  • Green Aspirations Scotland

    Louise McAllister & Paul Cookson

    “Training people to care for themselves and their environment; have access to the outdoors & nature to create a feeling of well-being and improve health”

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  • Rebel Fox

    Jolene Campbell

    “Fundraising events providing mentored    training opportunities for vulnerable young people while helping charities build support in local communities. Also, launching a free coaching programme helping small charities and social enterprise with their PR & communications”.

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  • Streetfit


    Michelle Reilly

    “A 12-16 week programme assisting Edinburgh’s homeless population in accessing their local gyms with a personal StreetFit trainer, in the aim of having a positive impact on people’s physical & mental health, whilst reducing isolation”.

  • The Reward Foundation

    Mary Sharpe

    “The Reward Foundation -Our Brain on Sex and Love, educates people about love and the effects of internet porn on the adolescent brain.”

  • Wellderly

    Jenni Inglis

    “Wellderly helps decision-makers & older people to collaborate to develop better responses to the big issues facing society. Wellderly   enables creative environments where teams, including older people & decision makers, work together. This tackles loneliness amongst older people & leads to wiser responses”.

2013 - 14

  • Amreeta

    Bridges out of Poverty

    Amreeta Kaur

    “Positively impact the situation of poverty in Govan, Glasgow using the ‘Bridges out of Poverty’ transformational model to train professionals and work with people in poverty as investigators in their situation.

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  • Lorna Wynn


    Lorna Wynn

    “Supporting people with all abilities and disabilities to acquire the building blocks they need to live safe, fulfilling lives”.

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  • Claire Murray

    Emotion Works

    Claire Murray

    “Develops and shares new ideas and approaches that enable all children to learn and communicate about emotion in meaningful ways”.

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  • Father Network Scotland

    David Drysdale

    “The national torchbearer and voice for fathers in Scotland by supporting individuals and organisations to positively engage, support, and empower men to become the best fathers they can be”.

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  • Karen

    Great4Good CIC

    Karen Leigh Anderson

    “Focuses on building investment readiness in Scottish social enterprises and developing a network of business angels wishing to get a social return on their investments”.

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  • Himalayan Centre

    Grant Williams

    “Creation of a centre for Himalayan Arts and Culture to support and integrate ethnic minority communities in Edinburgh through a culturally suitable venue and arts programme”.

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  • REdesign

    Fiona Lambert

    “Building communities in East Lothian through creative upcycling activities”.

  • The Sheltered Bay

    Arlette George

    “Identifying & creating a pattern of rural-based economic activity based on developing new products from land and sea in rural Scotland”.

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  • Vox

    Vox Liminis

    Alison Urie

    “Vox Liminis aims to develop, deliver and disseminate creative practice within the justice system”.

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2012 - 13

  • Marc

    5K Your Way

    Marc Malone

    “Whilst an employee at the London Borough of Camden, in 2008 Marc Malone developed the concept of 5k your way. 5k your way is an initiative that aims to increase physical activity levels of staff in the workplace via supported training sessions. As well as improving team morale and raising money for charity, 5k your way aims to reduce the statistic that over 60% of Scotland’s population does not meet Scottish Government guidelines for physical activity”.

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  • Pamela

    Ethical Transitions Unlimited

    Pamela Candea

    “Ethical Transitions provides learning experiences and tools for individuals, community and commercial organisations to effect value-based change in order to protect the environment and promote social justice. Ethical Transitions will provide: facilitation training, promotion and delivery of value-based workshops and programmes, and support to individuals and organisations to use value-based change programmes using income generated from work with commercial organisations to support community organisations”.

  • Ellie

    Little Blue Bike

    Ellie Mills

    “Little Blue Bike is setting up a mobile cargo bike and practical skills team to deliver sustainable living directly onto the streets and into homes. Little Blue Bike will enable practical living through the design, source and commission of products, services and training. It will also tackle the barriers and inequalities to learning practical skills for life and work, and collaborate with other organisations and individuals offering complimentary services, materials, tools and skills”.

  • Locavore CIC

    Reuben Chesters

    “Locavore, meaning ‘eater of local food’, is a not-for-profit organisation all about sustainable local food. The organisation champions the belief that we need to “re-think” our relationship with food, from the way it is produced to the ways in which it cooked, eaten and disposed of. They work towards this by running a local food shop, community kitchen and hub in Shawlands, Glasgow, and by co-ordinating local community food growing projects”.

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  • Lorna Baird

    MiEnterprise Lothian

    Lorna Baird

    “MiEnterprise Lothian will establish a social enterprise that will support people disadvantaged by disability or long-term health issues to plan, set up, run and develop micro-businesses as a flexible route into employment. It will be a Community Interest Company established as a ‘mutual’ with members including those being supported as well as those supporting. Alongside this, the provision of self-employment support services and the provision of administration and back office support to MiEnterprisers will be made available by MiEnterprise Lothian”.


  • Remade in Edinburgh

    Sophie Unwin

    “Remade in Edinburgh is a community initiative for a reuse and repair centre in Edinburgh and a campaign for zero waste. Sophie aims to create a strong, resilient organisation which helps people learn practical skills in repairing and reusing. Remade currently runs drop-in sessions for laptop repair and textiles once a week and would like to open a centre in order to expand their activities to accommodate furniture repair. Remade has an ethos of working in partnership with other organisations to not reinvent the wheel but to add to the capacity of existing reuse organisations and publicise other repair activities”.

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  • The State

    Lotte Walters & Emma Hamilton

    “The State is building a space, both physically and metaphorically that will deliver community capacity building, using Hip Hop as a medium. The space will enable the community to participate in the professional Hip Hop scene. Participation in and with the space will ensure more young people in Edinburgh reach positive destinations. The State will provide mentoring and positive role models for young participants and ultimately impact on their interests in the arts”.

  • Tinderbox

    The Tinderbox Project

    Jack Nissan

    “The Tinderbox Project’s vision is an artistic and cultural landscape in which young people have a place and a voice. They wish to create inspiring and accessible opportunities in music and the arts for young people, and to integrate young people into the various arts projects and events that contribute so much to our cultural wellbeing and identity. All of this is achieved through the provision of extra-curricular, educational and recreational activities for children and young people”.

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  • Sylvia

    Third Age Computer Fun -

    Sylvia Sainbury

    “3rd Age Computer Fun provides complete beginners with basic skills and confidence to start using computers and the internet. Software applications, games and communications are all catered for through the provision of bespoke I.T clubs which offer a ‘digital community’ for older users”.

  • Weaving Destinations

    Deborah Fry & Javita Narang

    “Deborah and Javita wish to establish Weaving Destination as a global symbol for women’s empowerment, including indigenous vulnerable women, survivors of human trafficking and HIV, through the promotion of those women’s hand-woven finest Eri silk and cotton fabric and products internationally. Weaving Destination’s overall objective is the social, economic, community, and political development of each woman involved in the project”.