,  • June 12, 2018

Maria Perez

Originally from Andalucia (Spain), I got off a bus in Waverley Bridge in 2015 and it took me half a second to realise I had changed forever.

I loved Scotland just like that.

I hadn’t wandered its streets long, when I came across one particularly puzzling Scottish concept: social enterprise. I won’t pretend I wasn’t wary at the beginning – businesses doing good? Are you kidding me?? –, but soon enough I had to admit it was the most realistic strategy to push social change in our current system.

So I decided to do it. “Be the change” and all that stuff, right?! Well, right. Except that, two fail ideas later, you’re not feeling that inspired and you’ve also run out of business support hours … Long story short: existential crisis. Big one.

But one day, during a long depressing walk, I found myself thinking: “You know what? I still live in a beautiful country, why not just enjoy it??” And it occurred to me that, while I was exploring nearby places, I could also drop by and visit the businesses supporting the community and the environment, so I could learn how they were making it work. I’d put all that information on a blog with a map for other people to find them …

And before I realised what I was doing, Scotland’s Social Way was born.

Now add a bit of fun, a desire to make things simple and a passion for people and towns. There you’re the platform that connects ethical consumers and social enterprises across Scotland!


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