,  • June 12, 2018

Callum MacKinnon

bOunceT uses a trampoline as a tool to engage children and adults with a wide range of disabilities in 1:1 therapy sessions that promote their improvement of physical, social and sensory goals.
We create personalised Therapy Plans for each child or adult based on their individual support needs – then set Long + Short Term goals based on what family/carers and the individual themselves would like to achieve functionally in daily activities (improve concentration to promote learning in the classroom – or develop muscle tone in arms and legs to independently transfer in/out of the car).

I set up ‘bOunceT: Innovative Occupational Therapy’ (formerly Forth Valley Rebound Therapy Service CIC) in 2016 at just 23 years of age and whilst still at GCU studying full time. Having also qualified as a Rebound Therapy Coach, I was passionate about this intervention and realised that whilst there were private and open services across the UK and other countries, there were no open referral services for this intervention in Scotland – due to lack of funding and general lack of awareness about what ‘Rebound Therapy’ is.
Armed with knowledge and experience, plus a huge amount of enthusiasm, I decided to address this gap by setting up the first and only open referral service to use Rebound Therapy as an intervention in the whole of Scotland. The added value of bOunceT is that we adopt a comprehensive client centred approach and work with as many individuals involved in that child or adults care as possible.


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