In aid of International Women’s Day we invited three top female social entrepreneurs from Scotland to share their stories. The aim was to raise awareness of social enterprise and different business models for businesses that create social good; female leadership; women’s empowerment issues on local, national and international level; and to inspire others to get involved.

Inspiring Women Social Entrepreneurs’ Chat Show highlighted three key matters: the critical issue of leadership is focus and the most difficult issue of leadership is relationships; if you want to make a change in the world – get on and do it; and sadly, even though we can put a man (and women) on the moon, there is still a shocking gap in gender inequality both in the UK and around the world.  Just in case your mother never warned you – there’s a Third Wave feminist revival going on.

Claire Carpenter was joined on the sofa by ‘new-comer’ Sylvia Douglas from MsMissMrs; ‘rock-steady’ Javita Narang from Weaving Destination; and a ‘life-timer’ Jackie Scutt from YWCA Scotland.

Watch the Chat Show videos

Many thanks to Henfilms for the teaser video, and Brew Vibes for the Chat Show videos!

Sylvia Douglas

Javita Narang

Jackie Scutt