Social Entrepreneurs' Chat Show

Our 4th Social Entrepreneurs’ Chat Show was hosted in Edinburgh as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, where we invited three local successful social entrepreneurs to share their experiences and insights. Centered around the theme of ‘Great Place-Making’ the aim was to raise awareness of the incredible work being done through three organisations providing physical spaces that act as catalysts and enablers of their local community.

Perthshire whisky makers Chivas Regal were also on hand to provide some delicious cocktails, as well as information about The Venture; their global search to find and support the most promising aspiring social entrepreneurs who want to succeed whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Host and TMP founder Claire was joined on the couch by ‘new comer’ Danielle Trudeau from Tribe Porty; ‘rock steady’ Pauline Gallacher from the Neilston Development Trust; and ‘life-timer’ Gehan Macleod from the GalGael Trust.

A key theme which emerged from the evening? The importance of community in trying to build a great place. All three speakers touched on how integral to the success of their ventures the communication and input from the community has been. Great placemaking isn’t easy but, if you can establish something which meets the needs of those you are looking to serve, then it is worth it.

Watch our video of the event, captured live on the night

Watch the individual speakers videos

Danielle Trudeau, Tribe porty

Pauline Gallacher, Neilston Development Trust

Gehan Macleod, GalGael Trust

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