A collaborative enquiry

The Melting Pot is pleased to present the report, “How Can We Put Social Innovation to Work for the People of Scotland? A Collaborative Approach”.

Read the report (pdf)

The in-depth report presents the process and findings of our series of the “National Conversation on the Future of Social Innovation in Scotland”, held around Scotland during 2014.

There is increasing attention at the European Level being given to the concept and potential of social innovation; see for example, the European Commission’s Guide to Social Innovation. Commissioned by the Scottish Government and hosted by The Melting Pot; the intention of the conversations was to explore, with ‘not the usual suspects’, the calling question: How can we put Social Innovation to work for the people of Scotland?

For social innovation to thrive in Scotland, we must create a culture to:

  • Encourage

    Literally lend courage and support to – those seeking to address inequality, those who are questioning the status quo, creating disruption and taking risks.

  • Foster connections

    Creativity and the generation of ideas amongst innovators in all sectors.  Enabling genuine participation and collaboration across sectors releases socially innovative ideas.

  • Cultivate local solutions

    Where social innovators can work with communities to define and co-design solutions within their community context.

  • Create safe places

    And spaces for learning, reflection and sharing all the stories: the successes, the tricky moments, the failures, the highs the lows of experience.

  • Invest in social innovation

    Provide the physical resources to enable social innovators to work with focus, purpose, determination and persistence.