,  • July 8, 2019

Breakfast, beer and open doors coworking; it must be the time of year to celebrate National Coworking Day again!

National Coworking Day 19: Robert & Lizzie at TMP

On Thursday 6 June we were delighted to once again open our doors and participate in the UK’s biggest coworking event, National Coworking Day. A collaborative doors-open day across the country for coworking spaces of all shapes and sizes, National Coworking Day helps raise awareness and break down barriers to bring everyone into the wonderful world of coworking. As one of the founders of the coworking movement in the UK (and beyond) this is a cause close to our hearts, so of course we jumped at the chance to be involved.

With technical facilitation via Edinburgh-founded coworking app, Desana, participating in the day was as easy as signing up, finding your perfect space (or spaces!) to check out, booking a spot online and turning up on the day to be greeted by smiling faces, warm welcomes and of course fast WiFi. All for free! More than 80 spaces of all shapes, sizes, models and niches participated across the UK, ensuring there was no shortage of options for available for those looking to test the waters of flexible working for collaboration, connection and innovation.

Here at TMP we were happy to welcome a plethora of new faces in for the day and introduce them not just to our space but to coworking itself – many of them trying it out for the first time. Beyond the convenience of physical aspects of space, we were able to give them a glimpse into those elements identified in our Coworking Canvas which are essential for collaborative coworking, including Co-Location, Network and Peer Support. Head on over to our blog series to read up more on each of these areas and how they support people in coworking communities to unleash their potential and thrive.

And sure, we’ll admit, it might have also been the offers of pastries, cake and free BrewGooder beer which helped to entice all these newbies in. Food and drink are key tenets of all good community building after all. But once through the doors, we’re sure it was the positive vibes and welcoming community feel which left a lasting impression – and even moved half of those who came in to sign on as Members on the spot, a win for all!

The day also gave us an opportunity to recognise and celebrate our existing vibrant community of coworkers and collaborators, and reflect on the impact they have had in making our space the inspiring hub it is today. Without their input, enthusiasm, ideas and meaningful contributions – as small as bringing in afternoon snacks to keep everyone going, or as large as hosting a learning workshop for the broader community – we couldn’t achieve everything we do without each and every one of them. And we are so grateful! We even let them have some of that free beer to prove it…

So we’d call National Coworking Day 2.0 a brilliant success! Bringing people together around the country in true coworking fashion. We want to say a big thank you to the team at Desana for their hard work in pulling everything together to enable this to happen. We’re looking forward to seeing how this initiative continues to grow.

National Coworking Day returns next year on Friday 5th June 2020. But why wait that long to try coworking; book in now for a free tour and trial with us, or just pop by anytime!