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It’s great that you’ve decided to apply to join us. If you’ve any last queries*– please call us and we can answer before you fill in this short online application form. (*Yes – you can select any future date as a start date).

It will take up to 10 minutes to complete. We ask for a range of information about you, your Membership needs, what you/your organisation does, payment details and a photo of you or your company logo.

This information then feeds into your public and private profile, which you can easily adjust at any time in the future.

Our public profiles are accessible by anyone who visits our website (you can check out our current Members’ profiles here). We also display them on our Members Wall here at The Melting Pot. Adding a picture to your profile will help you get the most out of our online community and your membership!

There’s ‘Help?’ type information boxes, but if you’re at all unsure at any time, please call us.

If you would like to download a summary of all our membership options click here.

Upon completion and submission, we will review it within 24 hours at the most – though it’s usually much quicker unless we need to clarify anything with you.

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By completing this form you are requesting a contract for services with us. These are our terms and conditions (pdf), a summary of which is listed at the end of the application form.