• September 17, 2018

Project Manager – Head of Accelerate
Coworking Accelerator Network – Edinburgh
Full time/Fixed term contract until October 2019


Sarah has started her own business. She is working from home but it is hard, what with the usual distractions of the television, the washing that needs to be done and the dog that needs to be walked. She is finding it hard to focus. She also has ideas…great ideas but there is no one to bounce them off. Sarah wishes there was a space she could go to, sit down at a random desk (or a fixed one if she wanted to!), and enjoy a reliable internet connection, coffee, a kitchen and the company of like-minded people. A place that offers an office-style environment that fosters all the autonomy an entrepreneur could want without any of the politics.

The Job

You will be part of a movement that champions change in the way we work. Bringing people together in an environment that fosters opportunities for collaboration, creativity and boosts productivity to the benefit of businesses of all sizes (not just Sarah’s!)

Our expertise lies in having developed and managed sustainable coworking spaces. Your expertise will lie in taking the model we have created and passing on our experiences and knowledge to others so that the community can grow, not only in the UK but on an international stage.

It is not expected that you are aware of, or are experienced in the coworking industry – though it may help. You will be an experienced leader and manager who gets stuff done and loves working in a community of professionals who enjoy sharing, learning and collaborating. You will be the teams chief motivator who can bring balance to the project and the team.

If you’re interested in this role and could see yourself doing a great job, don’t let a few missing qualifications stop you from applying. We hate writing job descriptions as much as you hate trying to fit yourself into a list of requirements. Tell us why you would be the best fit in this role and in our community!

Salary: £30,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Email your CV to [email protected] Closing date is Thursday 27th September.

Find more information on the Coworking Accelerator Network.