Donate to The Melting Pot (Charity no: SC045966) and support our Incubation programme where we help inspirational & courageous people with great ideas for a better world to become founders of amazing new social innovations and leaders of non-profit organisations.

100% of the money you give will go into our annual incubation programme, Good Ideas, supporting great initiatives throughout Scotland.

Donate to invest in Scotland’s pioneers of social change, helping strengthen their impact and broaden their reach in the future.

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Your donation will support social innovators to take forwards their ideas and passion and achieve things they never dreamed they could. Check out what they say.

Where will my money go?

Starting up a new social enterprise, charity or educational campaign takes a huge effort.  It’s more complex than selling widgets or opening yet another nail bar.

It’s important that people who’ve got a great idea with positive social impact at its heart can receive a range of timely and practical support – all for free.

Participation in our Incubation programme is FREE. It’s competitive too – but in a ‘nice’ way!

The programme is supported by various grants and private investors– but there’s always more we could do – with more resource. How could you help?

Whether is cash, mentoring or specific expertise – you can contribute to our Incubation Programme now!


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